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Is It Time For The Curtain On The Jason Garrett Era?

After another inexcusable coaching collapse, has the time come for Jerry Jones to pull the plug on his head coach?

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The ongoing trend of unbelievable coaching blunders has once again reared its ugly head on the Dallas Cowboys sideline. Most of you saw what happened, if you were one of the few that didn't see the game, count yourself fortunate. As has become far to common in the Jason Garrett era, the in-game decisions made by the coaching staff continue to defy conventional logic.

This week it was a irrational choice to stop doing what propelled the team to a 26-3 halftime lead. Even though the Cowboys were running the ball at a seven yard per carry clip in the first half, someone in the Dallas offensive brain-trust made the decision to "adjust" and come out in the second half and attack through the air. If you will remember, Dallas made an off-season concession to turn over the responsibility for offensive play-calling duties to Bill Callahan and make Jason Garrett a walk around head coach. This was done, at least in part, to allow the head coach to focus his efforts on improving his ability to manage in game situation. As should be clear to anyone who has been paying attention, that has not happened.

The errors are now seemingly becoming more glaring. This time around, not only was there an ill-advised change of strategy that was made at halftime, that snafu was compounded by an additional faux pas. The Dallas brain-trust also demonstrated an inability to comprehend that either their "adjustment" was not working or they revealed a refusal to accept that they were wrong in their choice. Either way, it was another case of sideline incompetence on the part of the upper echelon of the Cowboys coaching staff.

At this point, Cowboys fans have been treated to nearly three full seasons of this type of "head in hiney hole" type of decision making. I have defended Jason Garrett at every opportunity; I love the change in culture that he brought to the team. Still, enough is enough. Garrett has preached about stacking one good performance on top of another since he took over. While that is a good thing, the truth is that Jason Garrett's personal stack of good performances is not nearly as high as it should be. The time has come for some accountability, another buzzword of the Garrett era. In my opinion, the time has come for someone else to man the sidelines in Dallas.

With my personal opinion out there, it is time for me to open the floor for comments. You have spent the past three years dealing with the frustration that comes with ongoing mistakes made by the staff. What do you think about Jason Garrett's future in Dallas? Should Jerry Jones give his head coach another season, or is it time for him to pull the plug?

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