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Coaching Staff Decisions Looming For Dallas Cowboys

There is churn at the assistant coaching positions every year on every team across the league. But could the churn in Dallas be a little higher than normal this year?


Since Garrett took over as (interim) head coach in 2010, the Cowboys have churned almost all assistant positions, sometimes even twice. Here's the staff at the end of 2010.

Offensive Coaches Defensive Coaches Specialty Coaches
Ray Sherman
Wide Receivers
Paul Pasqualoni
Defensive Coordinator
Joe Juraszek
Strength and Conditioning
John Garrett
Tight Ends
Dave Campo
Joe DeCamillis
Special Teams
Skip Peete
Running Backs
Reggie Herring
Chris Boniol
Kicking Consultant
Wade Wilson
Bobby King
Assistant Linebackers /
Defensive Quality Control
Hudson Houck
Offensive Line
Brett Maxie
Secondary / Safeties
Wesley Phillips
Offensive Assistant / Quality Control
Keith O'Quinn
Offensive Assistant / Quality Control

Of the assistant coaches from 2010, only Wade Wilson, Wesley Phillips, Keith O'Quinn and Chris Boniol remain on staff. Here's today's staff:

Offensive Coaches Defensive Coaches Specialty Coaches
Bill Callahan
Offensive Coordinator/O-line
Monte Kiffin
Defensive Coordinator
Rich Bisaccia
Special teams
Gary Brown
Running backs
Rod Marinelli
Defensive line
Mike Woicik
Strength and conditioning
Derek Dooley
Wide receivers
Matt Eberflus
Chris Boniol
Assistant Special Teams
Wade Wilson
Jerome Henderson
Kendall Smith
Assistant S&C
Frank Pollack
Assistant Offensive Line
Leon Lett
Defensive Assistant/DL
Dave Borgonzi
Offensive Assistant
Wesley Phillips
Tight ends
Ben Bloom
Quality Control/Linebackers

Keith O'Quinn
Offensive Quality Control/Wide receivers

Assuming Garrett himself stays, which 2013 assistants do you think will have to go?


I polled my fellow front page writers about their thoughts.

KD Drummond thinks he should be the coach. He didn't elaborate any further than that, but I think he'd argue that he could do a better job calling in plays from his couch than what he saw from the Cowboys on Sunday.

Rabblerousr believes the coaching changes will be contingent on how much weight is given to injuries as an excuse for the 2013 performance.

I have to say that it's very difficult to judge the defensive staff with all the injuries they've had. Sure, the DBs look suspect, but how much of that has to do with the fact that they (and Henderson) know there won't be any pass rush? If they keep Garrett - which they can only do, I think, if they allow injuries to be an excuse - then I think they have to keep the defensive coaches as well.

Joey Ickes would like to clean house on defense.

On defense, I'm hoping to keep Lett and Marinelli, that's all... I think part of Carter's problems this year have to do with something going on with Eberflus, and as much as I like Henderson's style, there continue to be a lot of problems in the secondary.

On offense, I'm keeping Dooley, Wes Phillips, Gary Brown and Frank Pollack. Need to have some continuity teaching guys like Dez, TWill, Escobar, Dunbar, Hanna, Frederick and Smith, and you could say each one of those coaches has done a good/very good job developing guys at their positions this year.

Bisaccia and Boniol should be here to stay, but Woicik's time is up.

Dave Halprin narrows down the list even further:

The only guys I'd really want to keep - Derek Dooley, Frank Pollack, Matt Eberflus, Rod Marinelli, Rich Bisaccia, Chris Boniol

Dawn Macelli argues, not without merit, that who stays and who goes depends a lot on how each assistant's unit has performed this season.

On offense I think Gary Brown is safe as RB coach as is the asst OL coach. Their groups are doing an acceptable job. Wade Wilson likely stays due to Tony's comfort level.

On defense I would kick Marinelli upstairs to be the DC (unless his loyalty leads him elsewhere) and give Leon Lett the DL coaching position.

Boniol and Bisaccia are safe. No significant issues with the ST coaching. Woicek, Callahan, and Kiffin are gone. Eberflus and Henderson are likely casualties as well. Derek Dooley and Wes Phillips could go either way.

So there you have it. Some assistant coaches look like locks to stay on, others not so much. Which coaches would you like to see stay, which coaches would you thank for their efforts and bid them farewell?

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