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The Weekly BEast Report: Winding Down

Just two weeks remain in the 2013 NFL season, and two teams remain in the NFC East race. Who will prevail?

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants (5-9)

Seattle Seahawks 23
New York Giants  0

Next Up: at the Detroit Lions

Awful Giants, Jets Ruin Local Buildup To New York Super Bowl - Gary Myers, New York Daily News

Here at Blogging The Boys the concept of schadenfreude is alive and well, as evidenced by> a certain editor's popular series of "Trolling The Nation" posts. In that spirit we now delight in the misery of the fine folks from the Big Apple, as they lament the fact that the Giants (along with the Jets) become the latest to suffer from the "Super Bowl Jinx."

The season shouldn’t be a total waste: It’s not as if the Giants and Jets don’t lead the league in any category. Eli Manning is first with 25 interceptions, tying his career high with two games remaining to break it – you have to like his chances — and rookie Geno Smith is second with 21. Is Smith eventually going to be an upgrade over Mark Sanchez? Even as Sanchez was turning the ball over 26 times in 2011 and another 26 in 2012, he still never threw more than 20 interceptions in any of the four years he was the Jets’ starting quarterback. Geno does lead Eli 5-3 in pick sixes.

Well, it is good to see that the folks in New York didn't waste their seasons entirely. Breaking Down Eli Manning's Five Interception Game  Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

Since Myers brought the subject up...

A great many things have gone wrong for the Giants on offense this season. Manning has been impacted by the poor offensive line, the issues at running back, spotty play at wide receiver and lack of production at tight end. These throws, however, make it apparent that Manning is a big part of the problem.

Giants Notebook: Have Giants Hit Rock Bottom  Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

"Sometimes you just have to hit rock bottom. You really do. And the Giants have hit it. So has Eli Manning," Simms said Monday night on NFL Monday QB on CBS Sports Network. "They're going to have to change their football team, their structure. And they're going to have to change the way they're going about what they're trying to accomplish scheme-wise. So there's a big overhaul coming for the Giants. It will be interesting to see."

Is This The Beginning Of Eli's End?  Ian O'Connor EspnNewYork

But now Manning has 25 interceptions on the year against a lousy 16 touchdowns, and he's lost 14 of his last 22 starts. Even if the Giants' playmakers aren't making any plays, and even if Hakeem Nicks thinks it's touch football out there, the fact remains that Eli is the one with the $100 million contract, the one paid to make people around him better.

Washington Redskins (3-11)

Washington Redskins  26
Atlanta Falcons 27

Next Up: home against the Dallas Cowboys

GIF Recap: Loss To ATL Via Arrested Development  Kevin Ewoldt, Hog's Haven

Of late, Ewoldt's weekly GIF feature has become one of my must reads, this has nothing at all to do with schadenfreude, I swear. Would I lie to you?

REPORT CARD: Falcons Outlast Redskins In Clown Fest  D. Orlando Ledbetter, Atlanta Journal Constitution

There's not a lot of relevant Redskins info here, but could you resist putting a title like this in the Weekly BEast Report?

With so many young players on the field, there was alot [sic] of stumbling, bumbling, rumbling and, of course, fumbling.

Falcons 27 Redskins 26: Ten Observations  John Keim,

The problem with covering the Washington Redskins now is that so much of what goes on right now doesn’t pertain to football. Rather, it’s about reacting to various reports, or trying to find out what’s true and what isn’t.

I have to agree, it is hard to find anything that does not focus on what USA Today called "the best soap opera on TV", but if the on the field product was better then the drama would not be popping up.

Robert Griffin III Expecting Washington Will Have A New Coach In 2014  Chris Burke, Sports Illustrated

So does everyone else, Bob but this is one of those times where you need to show some maturity and keep your trap shut.

The NFL Network reported Sunday that Griffin has told teammates "he believes he’ll be playing for a different head coach in 2014." (Which is different, we can assume, than believing he’ll play for a different team.)

Philadelphia Eagles (8-6)

Philadelphia Eagles  30
Minnesota Vikings 48

Next Up: home against the Chicago Bears

Chip Kelly, Eagles Lose Composure, Game  Phil Sheridan,

Kelly had a terrible day. He managed to give LeSean McCoy, the NFL’s leading rusher entering the contest, just eight more carries than the Vikings' Peterson, who was inactive with a foot injury. His decision to go for it on fourth down at his own 24-yard line backfired badly. Then he had to waste a timeout to decide on going for a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter.

His offense was inconsistent. His defense was consistently terrible. His special teams plan gave the Vikings excellent field position all day long.

It was worse than that, though. Kelly’s team lost its composure as well as this game. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson freaked out after an interception. Cornerback Cary Williams was benched by defensive coordinator Bill Davis because he couldn’t control himself in the late going. The Eagles drew penalties for taunting and unnecessary roughness while the Vikings just kept piling up yards and points.

Kelly: 'No Excuses' After Questionable Calls  Zach Berman. Philadelphia Inquirer

Sunday's loss came at the hands of an opponent the Eagles were expected to beat, and there were some questionable decisions by Kelly. He decided to kick the ball short to the Vikings to avoid their returner; he went for it on fourth and 1 on the Eagles' 24-yard line; he called only eight rushing plays for LeSean McCoy.

At least it doesn't just happen in Dallas.

Eagles Secondary Now Facing Major Questions  Geoff Mosher, CSNPhilly

There was a time when Cowboys fans would be chomping at the bit to see the "Air Garrett" passing game face a secondary with questions, but the way this season has gone, you really have to wonder if it will help.

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Eagles Laid An Egg  Mark Saltveit, Bleeding Green Nation

The Chipmobile lost a wheel and Birds fans had to pay.

Well, that sucked. And this one is all on Chip.

We know that feeling all too well, Mark.

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