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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: "Just Give DeMarco Murray The Damn Ball."

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines as the Cowboys get ready to take on the Redskins and keep their playoff hopes alive.

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Just give DeMarco Murray the damn ball - Barry Horn, DMN
Horn with some sound advice as he recaps the prevailing narrative in the wake of the loss to the Packers. No 24 hour-rule for that game in this and other articles below.

Clearing up Tony Romo's role in the loss to the Packers - Andy Benoit, MMQB
Benoit argues that Romo's two interceptions weren't his costliest blunders and provides an interesting take that runs counter to the prevailing narrative.

The Cowboys hung 26 points on the Packers in the first half by calling 28 passes and 11 runs. Nobody griped about the unbalanced play-calling then. All game long, the Cowboys’ pass designs worked. There were just too many cases where Romo executed poorly—and not just in the fourth quarter. Bryant also beat safety Morgan Burnett for a would-be TD early in the second quarter, but Romo underthrew him. On the next series, Bryant got free in a Cover 2 void for a would-be 25-yard TD, but Romo overthrew him. And on Bryant’s impossible back-of-the-end zone TD in the fourth, Romo was actually making an ill-advised throw to Miles Austin.

In short, the Cowboys offensive players and coaches had a great game. Their quarterback, who has had a Pro Bowl worthy season, had a bad one. Now he must bounce back at Washington.

Defending Dez Week 15 - Bob Sturm
Sturm takes his weekly look at how the Cowboys took advantage (or, often, didn’t take advantage) of their best offensive weapon, and disagrees with what seems to be the conventional wisdom that more carries for DeMarco Murray would've ensured a Dallas victory. Instead, he argues that if the defense had gotten even one stop in the second half, the machine-like offense the Cowboys displayed at times on Sunday would have been the headline.

Michael Irvin: ‘I don’t know if anybody has less talent than the Dallas Cowboys, now.' - Jon Machota, DMN
Irvin said the sentence above in the Dan Patrick show, and when challenged that the Cowboys do have a lot of talent on offense, Irvin elaborated and qualified his earlier statement:

"Stop, stop, stop," Irvin quickly responded. "The Cowboys every year do not have a lot of talent. That’s the stuff we say on TV. Let’s regurgitate some of this ‘a lot of talent’ the Cowboys have had over the years and you’ll see that when it comes to the Cowboys, they put a star on their helmet and we raise them up. But the reality is, those are not the most talented players in the world."

Ed Reed rips media over lack of football knowledge -
There is no doubt that Ed Reed knows football. But he doubts that many people covering the sport do, and lets loose with heartfelt tirade that should resound with many football fans who still equate "reporting" with "analysis" and not with the hot air produced by many in the media these days.

"Everything I've been through," Reed said, "I've been through for a reason, to learn a lot -- even reading you guys' blogs, listening to your comments, knowing half of ya'll don't know as much about football as you think you do, unless you come and sit in the film with us, and break the film down. You don't even know the schematic part of it."

"You can ask the questions, but that don't mean that you're an expert at what we do," Reed went on. "It's funny to me. Reading it, I smile at it, laugh at it, but that's your job. Some of your jobs, you tear people down, (or) try to, and tear the team down, not understand that it's a team. You'd rather point the finger at one individual. It's not an individual game. It's a team sport -- totally a team sport."

I think I like Ed Reed.

The All-Snyder Team - Sports On Earth
Mike Tanier puts together an All Pro team of the Snyderest Dan Snyder decisions that Snyder ever Snydered. In a completely unrelated article, Gil Lebreton of the Star-Telegram writes the perfect intro for Tanier's article:

"Jerry Jones wanders through the NFL forest, bumping into trees. Snyder deforests everything in his path, and then still stumbles anyway."

Irritating The Redskins Fan In Your Life - CBS DFW
Cory Magoers asks, "What you will do this weekend to irritate the Redskins fan in your life?" This is an article from Friday, and BTB's KD Drummond is still busy writing his personal reply, now already 20 pages long.

DeAngelo Hall On Dez Bryant: ‘I’m Going To Be Called On To Stop Him’ -
Hall says he knows he’s the key to keeping Bryant quiet on Sunday.

"(He’s) a guy who’s been ripping it up these last couple of weeks, a guy that a lot of teams put two guys on to try to stop. A lot of times he still makes the play. (He’s) definitely a guy who will make a lot of plays and give me an opportunity to make some plays hopefully. "We’re going to go out there with a game plan similar to last time, and I’m going to be called on to stop him."

14 games have playoff implications - ProFootballTalk
Almost every game is important today, so stay glued to your TV or watch the games from the front row to keep up with the emerging playoff picture. Just don't bother with Buccaneers-Rams or Titans-Jaguars.

The NFL's craziest playoff scenarios -
With two weeks left in the season, there are a lot of crazy playoff scenarios remaining. Gregg Rosenthal dives in with his favorites, including how both the Patriots and Panthers could still miss the playoffs.

Win Probability for NFL Games: How Accurate Is It? - The Big Lead
If you have been watching the NFL, you have probably heard some reference to win probability. Odds are, it was in reference to the Dallas Cowboys, who seem to make the improbable happen all the time. Jason Lisk takes a look at how accurate win probability is.

2013-2014 NFL Calendar - Blogging The Boys
The NFL has released its calendar of key upcoming dates, including free agency starting March 11 at 4 p.m. We have updated the NFL calendar in our library section, where you'll find the full list of key dates.

Eight in the Box: The NFL's most disappointing rookies of 2013 - Audibles -
A timely reminder that not every highly touted rookie has an immediate impact in the NFL, or any impact at all for that matter.

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