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Jason Garrett Says Tony Romo Is "Day To Day", Refuses To Rule Him Out

An injury riddled season for the Dallas Cowboys just added the biggest injury of all.

Captain Neckbeard to the rescue?
Captain Neckbeard to the rescue?
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

During his Monday press conference, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett confirmed that quarterback Tony Romo did suffer an injury to his back in the win over the Washington Redskins, but stopped short of ruling him out for the season ending, win-or-stay-home-for-the-playoffs game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

While Garrett did not get into a lot of detail about the injury, other sources are reporting that it will likely require surgery, and that Romo really is going to be out.

This means that the chances for Dallas to make the playoffs now will almost certainly rest on the arm and leadership of Kyle Orton. And Garrett did state that the Cowboys would be signing a quarterback because Romo is not going to be able to practice, and they have to have someone to run the scout team while Orton is taking snaps, as well as provide some insurance should Orton get injured.

The Cowboys made a wise move, it appears, in signing Orton. This season has shown how important it is to have a good backup quarterback in the NFL, where injuries continue to mount despite all the league rules trying to prevent them. However, the team is now subject to some serious questioning for letting Alex Tanney get poached off the practice squad. There are not a lot of quality prospects out there at the moment. Already, there has been this.

Just to spice things up, I will mention another name just off the top of my head: Vince Young. Strictly speculation on my part, but he is looking for work. And I bet his agent is already working the phones.

Kyle Orton is the man expected to get the start against Philadelphia. He is experienced, and has had two years in the system. Garrett's reticence to declare Romo out is seen as a bit of a smokescreen to keep the Eagles from being certain who to prepare for on Sunday.

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