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Cowboys Almost Overcome Overwhelming Odds vs. Eagles

You're playing an elimination game against a division rival. Your star QB is out. Your best defensive player is out. Your defense is comprised of a bunch of guys nobody thought would see the field in September.

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[Ed Note: The following is a comment from longtime BTB member 5Blings who reminds us that the Cowboys achieved much more in yesterday's game than many fans and observers had expected.]

You’re facing overwhelming odds.

All you can do as a coach is to ask your players to step up. All you can do is ask them to find it in themselves to be more than they are. All you can do is to put the hype aside and show the world that you’re good enough to play with anyone.

Tonight, my heart is full of pride from watching the Dallas Cowboys go out and take the fight to an opponent who destroyed a team who handled us (when our star QB was healthy) quite easily and is on a roll heading into the postseason. In my estimation, Dallas had no business being within 20 points of the Eagles, much less making this a gut-wrenching, nail-biter for them.

The defense held a prolific Eagles offense to a very pedestrian output. The offense, despite the turnovers, battled back and made some scintillating plays to keep it close. This undermanned, outgunned football team was a play away from pulling off the most unlikely upset of the 2013 season.

I don’t know what happens tomorrow. I don’t know what happens to the head coach, the coordinators or to the players we’ve grown accustomed to seeing wearing the star. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I will proudly wear my new Cowboys hoodie out in public tomorrow and my chest will be puffed out. I’ll do that because I am proud of my team and what they did and how they renewed my faith in the idea that nothing is impossible.

Anyone who isn’t just as proud, well, I feel sorry for you.

[5Blings encapsulates very well what many fans feel - but not all, and his perspective is by no means the only valid one. Weigh in with your take on yesterday's game in the comments section.]

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