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Dallas Cowboys News And Notes: Murray To Take Expanded Role

Today we talk running backs, guys returning from injuries, and that Jeremiah guy who now plays for "Da Bears".

Some morning eye-candy for the ladies of BTB
Some morning eye-candy for the ladies of BTB

DeMarco Murray's Role To Expand - Todd Archer,
Archer takes a look at how, with the loss of Lance Dunbar, the Dallas Cowboys are going to have to ride the back of DeMarco Murray if they want to have any semblance of a running game over the remainder of the season.

"DeMarco Murray is our lead back, has been our lead back all year long, has done an excellent job for us, did a really good job in the game the other day again," coach Jason Garrett said. "He'll be the lead dog. The other guys, Joseph Randle and Phillip Tanner will have to step up if they have an opportunity if DeMarco can't go."

Cowboys Sign Fullback Tyler Clutts - Todd Archer,
In an effort to give Murray a helping hand, Dallas added a true fullback to its roster on Tuesday.

"You certainly want to be able to run the ball and be physical in bad weather games," Garrett said. "Sometimes you’re not able to throw the ball as well as you’d like because of the conditions and the next best thing to do is run it. Being physical, being able to run downhill would certainly help you in those kinds of environments."

Dallas' December Doldrums Aren't Tony Romo's Fault - Richie Whitt,
Going against the Romo-struggles-in-December thought process, Richie Whitt shines some light on the subject. Of course, you could just read OCC here, instead.

Since 2009 in 13 December games Romo has thrown 27 touchdowns and only five interceptions. His quarterback rating in those games (106.3) is bettered by only one NFL quarterback – the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers.

Garrett Optimistic Lee Returns This Week; Hopeful On Others - Nick Eatman,
In his trademark understated style, the Cowboys head coach informs us of the progress that Sean Lee and others are making toward getting back on the field. Sean Lee is looking good for a return, the other members of the hamstring club are still iffy.

Jason Garrett Declines To Talk Jay Ratliff Reunion, His Focus Is On The Bears - Clarence Hill, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
The Cowboys head coach adamantly refuses to be drawn into a battle of words regarding the departed defensive lineman who was released earlier this season and then was "miraculously healed" shortly thereafter.

"We’re playing the Chicago Bears," Garrett said. "We’ve talked about this before, Jay was a big contributor to our team for a number of years. Have a great deal of respect for him as a player, but we’re getting ready to play the Bears."

Jones: Ratliff Needs To Be "Helping The Dallas Cowboys" - Dan Wiederer, Chicago Tribune
Unlike his head coach, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones chose to weigh in with some comments regarding the former Cowboys DT who now prefers to be known as Jeremiah.

"It’s just it would be very frustrating to see him get in there and play when most thought that he couldn’t play when he left us, as far as he was concerned, and his approach to what he was going to be doing this year."

Rest More Important For Cowboys Than Prep - Todd Archer,
Having played just two games in 28 days, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a position to be well rested down the stretch. Not only have the bye week and the down time between Thanksgiving and the Monday game in Chicago allowed the Cowboys to get mentally recharged for the final month of the season, the time off has allowed some players more time to recover from injuries.

Rod Marinelli Described As 'An Icon' By Longtime Friend, Colleague Monte Kiffin - David Moore, Dallas Morning News

"It’s like co-coordinators,’’ Kiffin said. "Everything we do we run by Rod. He’s also very good with the other coaches, too. Rod could have been a coordinator somewhere else.’ We coached together for 10 years; he’s like me. He has a tremendous passion for coaching. He brings a lot of energy. When I walk in the door, he’s already here and has the coffee pot going. He connects with the players. He really does. I have him talk to our defense a lot.’’

It sort of makes you wonder, is Monte trying to sell the Cowboys front office on making Rod Marinelli the defensive coordinator next season?

Do The Cowboys Need To Win Out? - Calvin Watkins,
Watkins raises the possibility that Dallas might have to win the remaining four games to find their way into the playoffs.

They're tied for first-place in the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles, but own the first tie-breaker against their rivals. Given the fluid situation in the division, especially with the New York Giants still believing they have a playoff shot, the Cowboys might have to win their remaining four games to win the division.

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