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Cowboys Free Agents 2013: A Look At Who Might Leave, Who Might Stay

Free agency in the NFL is not too far away, but before the Cowboys go shopping for new players, they need to make decisions on their own personnel.

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With a budget that could be limited, the Dallas Cowboys are going to have to make some hard decisions in free agency. Earlier today, OCC took a look at costs by position. Now, let's take a look at who the Cowboys have as free agents and what they might do about signing some.

According to the NFLPA, Dallas has the following unrestricted fee agents:

Butler, Victor DE
Coe, Michael CB
Coleman, Kenyon DE
Dockery, Derrick OL
Frampton, Eric S
Jenkins, Mike CB
Jones, Felix RB
Ladouceur, L.P. LS
Moorman, Brian P/K
Ogletree, Kevin WR
Peprah, Charlie S
Phillips, John TE
Poppinga, Brady LB
Sims, Ernie LB
Spencer, Anthony LB

Also, they have three restricted free agents:

Costa, Phil C
McCray, Danny S
Schaefering, Brian DL

Nick Eatman does a good job of looking at his top-10 free agent priorities here. To me, there are going to be a few guys who we need to part ways with - Felix Jones, Kevin Ogletree and Mike Jenkins. The Cowboys need a new, young running back to pair with DeMarco Murray. Ogletree has worn out his welcome. And while I never like to lose a talented corner, Jenkins has had his issues here and will likely get a good contract offer elsewhere.

Anthony Spencer is, of course, the big one, but it's hard to imagine Dallas being able to match an offer that he is surely going to get from multiple teams. He'll be a hot commodity on the market and unless the Cowboys can work some magic and free up a lot of cash, they won't be able to afford him.

Guys I'd like to see stay include Ernie Sims, L.P. Ladoucer, Danny McCray (but not as a starter!), Phil Costa (just in case they can't find a better alternative) and Victor Butler (as a specialist pass rusher). And Anthony Spencer, if they can figure out a way to accommodate his price tag.

So who do you want to re-sign out of that list?

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