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Seven Roles For Seven Cowboys

One of SB Nation's sponsors asked the question: If the Cowboys are to make the Super Bowl this year, who will fill the roles outlined below. Not sure why these roles were picked, but it's the dead season so we'll play along

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I polled the front-page writers to see who they thought would fulfill the following seven roles in 2013. After the results from the front-page writers, make your own list in the comments. Let's get a consensus of what the BTB community thinks. Oh, by the way, Tom decided to do all coaches, so I'll tag his on at the end of each category.

Enforcer: (Tie) DeMarco Murray (2 votes), Bruce Carter (2) - Coach: Monte Kiffin. Murray getting two votes as an offensive guy is impressive, but that's how physical a runner he can be. Carter showed such promise last year, looks like he's expected to take the next step in 2013.

Brain: Sean Lee (4 votes) - Coach: Jason Garrett. As the signal-caller on the defense, Lee is expected to know all and make the right calls and adjustments.

Technician: DeMarcus Ware (3 votes) - Coach: Bill Callahan. Ware has every move in the book, and employs them with devastating precision. Sure he's got the physical tools, but his application of those tools is what makes him a cut above.

Loose Cannon: Dez Bryant (4 votes) - "Coach": Jerry Jones. Dez has come into his own on the field, but has had a slew of off-the-field stuff follow him around. Hopefully, he's put all that in the past.

Motivator: (Tie) Tony Romo (2 votes), Lawrence Vickers (2) - Coach: Matt Eberflus. Romo is definitely passionate and shows an amazing will to win. In a short time here, Vickers has showed some leadership through his interviews and enthusiasm, just need a little more from him on the field.

Prankster: Tony Romo (2) - Coach: Wade Wilson. Apparently, Romo is not above some shenanigans.

Muscle: Jason Hatcher (3) - Coach: Mike Woicik. Hatcher busted out last year, finding the consistency he lacked in previous years.

OK, let's see your list in the comments.

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