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Cowboys Running Backs Coach Offers Clue To DeMarco Murray Backup

Over the past few days, the coaches of the Dallas Cowboys have made themselves available to the media. One of the new hires is running backs coach Gary Brown. Brown is tasked with reviving a moribund running game for the Cowboys. How will he do it?

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New running backs coach Gary Brown has one key piece in place for a productive running game, that being lead back DeMarco Murray. If Murray can stay healthy for a season, he has the potential to be an elite back in the league. The problem with that is so far, Murray has been unable to remain injury-free. Behind Murray is where things start getting dicey. Felix Jones is going to be a free agent and is unlikely to be back in Dallas. Phillip Tanner has had moments where he was intriguing, but has yet to make a leap to "regular contributor". Besides everything else Dallas is looking for this offseason along the line and on defense, they need another running back or two in training camp.

That leads us back to this statement from Gary Brown in regards to the running back position.

"You probably just want a guy that’s going to come in and complement [Murray] in the way maybe of just being, maybe more of a jitterbug type guy," Brown said. "It’s hard to say. I’ve only been here a few days."

A jitterbug back certainly isn't Tanner's strength. Lance Dunbar could be that kind of back, he's shown a little of it in the past. But is it enough to be a solid #2 and fulfill the "jitterbug" role? So far, he hasn't proved it.

So what about the draft? I polled some of the other front-page writers about jitterbugs in the upcoming draft, here are some of their prime candidates.

Kenyon Barner - Oregon
Ray Graham - Pitt
Andre Ellington - Clemson
Kerwynn Williams - Utah State
Jawan Jamison - Rutgers
Jonathan Franklin - UCLA
Robbie Rouse - Fresno State

How do you guys like the idea of a jitterbug complement back? How about these draft candidates, any favorites or want to add somebody we missed? Hit it up in the comments.

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