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[Video] The Curious Case Of The Cowboys Anthony Spencer

The Cowboys face a tough decision on whether to bring back Anthony Spencer; one that is made more difficult by their cap situation and the competition that will most likely fight for his services.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone here heard of this Anthony Spencer guy? No? OK, well let's just say that he might be a widely discussed topic around this Cowboys kingdom. There are opinions left and right over what Anthony Spencer means to the team; everyone is entitled to interpret the facets of his career in their own way.

However, facts are facts. There are certain, indisputable things that must be talked about when evaluating whether or not Spencer should be signed to a big deal after his best season. In no specific order, they are:

  • Spencer has had two contract seasons. In the first, he did not have a "breakout" year as far as pass rushing metrics were concerned.
  • 2012 was, by far, the best season of Spencer's career.
  • Spencer has been an elite run stopper over the last four years. You'll find the evidence of this in the video.
  • Spencer admitted to not working as hard as he should have in 2010. That's putting his words nicely.
  • Spencer is a jack of all trades, capable of making plays from several positions in a 3-4 defense and presumably that would carry over to versatility in a 4-3 if the coordinator chose to deploy him as such.
  • Spencer is going to be 29 years old for the duration of the 2013 season.

Those facts are the basis for the discussion of whether or not Spencer will be a Dallas Cowboy for 2013. I took to the video realm to discuss, at length, the specifics to those facts and how they are applied to the situation at hand: The Curious Case of Anthony Spencer.

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