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Super Bowl 2013: Emmitt Smith Interview With SB Nation

SB Nation has been interviewing ex-NFL stars all week in New Orleans, and just recently they caught up with Emmitt Smith.

Spencer Platt

Back in the day, let's call it the early 90s, there was a team from Dallas that exploded onto the scene and dominated the NFL. Super Bowl games were played, trophies were collected and good times were had by all (well, all - meaning all those backing the Cowboys). That team had the Triplets, as fine a collection of QB, RB and WR that you will ever see together in one offense. Troy Aikman was the ring-leader, Michael Irivn was the passion, and Emmitt Smith was the motor. He was the guy who chewed up yards and demoralized defenses. In fact, Smith ground out so many yards he became the NFL's all-time leading rusher. Not bad for a guy who, when coming out of college, was thouhgt to be too small, or too slow, to be an elite NFL running back.

SB Nation is down in New Orleans covering the Super Bowl and they caught up with Emmitt to discuss his remembrances of the Cowboys playing in the Super Bowl. Take a few moments to watch the video of that interview, and spend part of your Saturday reminiscing about those glory holes days when the Cowboys ruled the roost.

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