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Tweet Beat: Dallas Owner Jones Talks Garrett, Romo, Spencer, Austin & Himself

The king of the castle took a moment from his hectic schedule to entertain the Dallas area media aboard his million-dollar bus.

Joe Robbins

Never let the absence of Jerry Jones fool you; he's never far away.

Over the last two days, most NFL teams were represented in press conferences at the Indianapolis Scouting Combine. Despite some Cowboys fans insistence that Jones is the only GM that speaks regularly, there were many who spoke yesterday; their quotes just don't make the rounds. Dallas was represented by Head Coach Jason Garrett who spoke on a variety of topics. Today, Jerry had his turn at center stage aboard his brand new theme park on wheels.

Jones spoke to a variety of subjects to the media during what was reportedly a two-hour session. Here's a snapshot of some of the key points he covered as relayed by those in attendance.

Jerry on his role as General Manager:

Jones on Miles Austin staying with the team:

Jones on Romo's situation with contract and in general:

OK, this threw me for a second until the second tweet on the subject from Werder. Is Tony the one that concedes the O-Line in favor of high-skill targets? Does that count for the draft? Because... those guys are cheap for five years. *KanyeShrug*

Jerry on Jason Garrett calling plays:

Jones on Spencer:

As I mentioned on Twitter, it's the right time to be negotiating in the media, but man is that a gut shot to Spencer and Jordan Woy. The ball's in your court now, fellas.

Jones on C Phil Costa:

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