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Video: Early Offseason Changes For The Dallas Cowboys

Sometimes, you have to take a step back to see the future.

Layne Murdoch

The Cowboys offseason has been anything but. Since the regular season ended prior to the calendar turning to 2013, I don't think there's been a five-day stretch where Dallas didn't do something that made it's way into the news in one capacity or another. Of course, the changes to the coaching staff is the topic that is pervasive to the entire offseason so far. To that point, this video was filmed before Dallas announced the new TE coach role for Wes Phillips and bringing in Frank Pollack to assist with the offensive line.

I also took a look at the places where Dallas will have to focus it's attention once it gets to the NFL Scouting Combine, which happens to kick off in exactly two weeks, February 20th-26th in Indianapolis. Not only will the coaching staff need to be getting good looks at draft prospects, the combine is really where the ground work to free agency happens. Agents, GMs and coaching staffs will often get together to gauge interest on each side of the aisle.

Free Agency itself is a little more than a month away, set to start at 4pm on March 12th. Teams are free to negotiate with their own free agents prior to that date, but that is when they can officially make offers to players from other teams.

So what will Dallas be faced with during the new league year? Who will they be counting on to lead the troops? Take a look at the video to re-acclimate yourself as we begin to move into the "go" phase of the 2013 offseason.

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