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Poll: Where In The World Are You Representing The Cowboys?

Cowboys fans come from all over the Great State of Texas, from all across the United States and from all over the Globe. Tell us where you're from and find out where other Cowboys fans are checking out BTB from.

Christian Petersen

You've probably seen Facebook's map of geographic NFL fandom by now. Facebook's Data Science team analyzed the more than 35 million users who "liked" a team's fan page, and turned the results into the map below.


The Cowboys are the most popular team all throughout the great state of Texas, with the exception of Houston and its immediate suburbs. Cowboys fans also dominate all of Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas as well as large parts of Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Oregon. Additionally, pockets of Cowboys strongholds can be found in many more states.

But the Cowboys' appeal is not limited to the 50 states of the Union. A quick count of the of the last 300 visits to BTB at 7:00 am ET this morning showed that we had visitors from Canada, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Korea, Guatemala, Germany, France, Australia, Norway, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland.

Cowboys fans are spread out across the States and across the globe like probably no other North American sports franchise. And since there's not a lot of football going on today, let's do what what social media sites like to to do: Cowboys Nation Roll Call!!

Let us know in the comments section and in the attached poll where in the world you are representing the Cowboys. Post your location as well as any other info you want to share, and let's see how many of the 50 states and how many individual countries we are representing this weekend.

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