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BTB Mailbag: Is There A Future For Cowboys Linebacker Kyle Wilber?

One of our readers wants to know if the esteemed linebackers coach of the Cowboys can make a player out of last year's fourth-round pick.

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On to this post's question!

With the improvement of Bruce Carter and the way Spencer played last year, and even to some extent Albright when he got to play due to injury, is it reasonable to hope the Matt Eberflus will be able to "coach up" Kyle Wilber into a viable starter at the Sam? – Hobbes42

O.C.C. I'm worried that Wilber didn't see a lot of action last year, notching only 16 defensive snaps in a linebacking unit badly depleted by injury. His best chance going forward may be the fact that the Cowboys are moving back to a 4-3 defense; I always wondered how Wilber would fit in a 3-4 defense.

KD: I won't be as PC as Cool here... on tape, Wilber didn't impress me at all when I watched him after the draft last year. You can't judge a player off of Youtube highlight videos, but if you watch someone's "highlights" and come away unimpressed... welp.

He struggled with his hand on the ground in the East-West Shrine practices and game in '12. Didn't sniff the field when Spencer was out for two games, wasted pick. Hope I'm wrong. I love what Eberflus has done in two years, truly do. If he makes Wilberforce (OCC's auto-correct from training camp name was outright awesome) an actual force, we're losing him (Eberflus) next offseason.

The one caveat I'll say is that in researching the various players that have manned positions for Monte Kiffin the stereotype isn't always necessary. So just because we look at players, height, weight and build and project them somewhere doesn't necessarily mean that is where they will fit in the 4-3.

Archie: It's just a matter of time before Matt Eberflus is going to be a defensive coordinator in the NFL. The Cowboys were fortunate to retain Eberflus because he is a rising star as a defensive coach in the league. The body of work that Eberflus has had in Dallas speaks for itself. He's coached up talented linebackers and developed his younger guys, but he's also taken guys off the street and turned them into serviceable players.

I don't know if Kyle Wilber has the skill set to become a starting SAM linebacker in the NFL, but he does have the potential to play somewhere on the defense. It's going to be tough for him because he's switched defenses twice in college (4-3 to a 3-4), and now he's making another change in the NFL. If Eberflus coaches Wilber into a good linebacker, then that's really going to solidify his resume as a great coach.