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Cowboys Free Agency 2013: It's A Lonely Time In Big D

As NFL free agency rolls on and big names are switching teams everywhere, nary a visit or solid rumor for the Dallas Cowboys. It's lonely at Valley Ranch, but here's some Cowboys-related news.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Everybody said it was going to be quiet at Valley Ranch for the first part of free agency, and everybody was right. Not a single free agent, that we know of, has darkened the door at the Ranch as the Cowboys struggle to create some cap room. Here's the latest:

Kevin Ogletree has signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Bucs. This clears the way for Dwayne Harris to grab hold of the number three wideout spot in 2013.

Victor Butler is visiting with the Pittsburgh Steelers. There was talk that the Eagles were interested in Butler, but they just signed Connor Barwin, making it less likely they would add Butler.

The Titans have talked with Gerald Sensabaugh.

Our friend Mike Fisher isn't buying the Josh Cribbs, DeAngelo Hall or Brian Urlacher rumors - if they can even be called rumors. Maybe just ruminations of fevered minds. He also mentions fullback Lawrence Vickers is still under consideration to be a cap-casualty.

And finally, the case of Doug Free. Calvin Watkins reports that according to a source, Free's status is "secure for now". I guess if they get a promising tackle in the draft, that status could change.