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Marcus Spears Joins Ravens; Giants Looking At Dan Connor

The Cowboys are still silent as a tomb when it comes to signing free agents. The only action is on some of their former players.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys let Marcus Spears go as a cap and scheme casualty. Spears is built to be a 3-4 defensive end, his skill set just didn't match up with what Monte Kiffin wants to do in Dallas. So after eight years he was let go. But don't weep for Marcus, he was immediately picked up by the Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens. Also recently signed by the Ravens was former Cowboys Chris Canty.

Marcus Spears announced on twitter earlier that he is now a Baltimore Raven. This moves comes after the Baltimore Ravens signed Chris Canty and shows that Ozzie Newsome's goal this offseason is truly to shore up the middle of the defense as he has now signed two solid run-stuffers.

Spears as always a solid run-stuffer, but injuries were starting to affect his game. His knees have been an issue for a while.

Over at the mothership, Mickey Spagnola pens a love-letter to Spears, good for a weekend read.

In other ex-Cowboys news:

Victor Butler left Pittsburgh without a contract, according to a source, and the New Orleans Saints are very interested in talking to him.

The Saints are certainly looking for outside linebackers for their new 3-4 defensive scheme and Butler would fit the bill. Butler played under Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan the last two seasons in Dallas and would have a firm grasp of the system in New Orleans.

Dan Connor has drawn some interest from division-rival New York.

I've yet to see anything substantial on Felix Jones or Mike Jenkins.