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Cowboys Free Agency 2013: Where Would You Spend Money?

You wouldn't know it by being a Cowboys fan, but free agent signings are happening all over the NFL. But what if Dallas did have some money to spend?


Let's pretend for a moment that the Dallas Cowboys suddenly came up with some money to go after a free-agent who could actually battle for a starting spot. Say Stephen Jones works some of his money magic and gets reworked deals with Tony Romo, or maybe Anthony Spencer, and comes up with some cash on hand. If that happened, what position would you target with the money?

Safety - The current starters appear to be Barry Church who is rehabbing a notoriously slow-healing injury, and Matt Johnson, a guy who has yet to see the field, and very little of a practice field, during his one year in the NFL.

Offensive Line - If the Cowboys can't protect Tony Romo, then they aren't going to be successful. If they grabbed a free-agent tackle, they could release Free. They could get a guard and let Mackenzy Bernadeau and Phil Costa battle for the center spot.

Defensive Line - Depth in the middle is key. Plus, can Jay Ratliff return to his former self or is he in the inevitable age/injury decline. For the 4-3 of Monte Kiffin to work, they have to have explosive play from the two interior guys, in addition to Ware and Spencer.

Linebacker - Sure, Sean Lee and Bruce Carter are set to start, but there's a third linebacker spot and no one on the roster who is a sure-thing to fill it. Having a guy with experience and success under his belt would be a comfort.

Other - Maybe you have another spot in mind? Blocking tight end? Running back?

Vote in the poll, tell us where you'd want the money spent in the comments.