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NFL Mock Draft 2013: SB Nation, Like Many Others, Project Chance Warmack To Cowboys

The latest mock draft to send Chance Warmack to Dallas.


SB Nation has a new mock draft out, and like we've seen many times over the past few weeks, it's an offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys. This year's draft is unusual in that offensive and defensive linemen are the dominant positions towards the top of the draft. That's good for the Cowboys considering teams always seem to over-value the skill positions, meaning some of the cream of the crop at positions of need could slide right down to #18.

For example, Chance Warmack. He is routinely rated the top guard in the draft, and can be found in the Top 10 (sometimes Top 5) of overall draft prospect rankings. Could the Cowboys be so lucky as to see a player of Warmack's potential fall to them?

Pick Player Position Height Weight Class
18. Dallas Cowboys
Chance Warmack, Alabama
G 6'2 1/2
294 Jr.

The Cowboys' offensive line really hindered them last season. Tony Romo did his best to escape from behind the constant pressure from opposing defenses, but the interior of Dallas' offensive line needs an upgrade. Enter Chance Warmack, the best offensive guard in the draft.

Chance Warmack scouting report