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Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett To Attend LSU Pro Day

Jason Garrett doesn't visit a lot of pro days, but the LSU pro day will be one of them this year. If you were Jason Garrett, which LSU prospect would you pay extra special attention to?

Chris Graythen

The Dallas Morning News reports that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett plans on attending the LSU pro day next week. While other head coaches are frequent visitors at pro days across the country, Garrett has made himself scarce at these events, attending just two pro days over the last two years.

In 2011, the only pro day Garrett visited was at USC, and after the Cowboys drafted Tyron Smith out of USC, Garrett's visits to college campuses have come to be seen as auspicious harbingers of the Cowboys' draft plans.

Of course, after Garrett visited Alabama's pro day in 2012 and the Cowboys didn't end up picking some of Alabama's top prospects, the prophetic quality of these visits was questioned.

Perhaps this is the year that Garrett restores fan confidence in his pro day visits as he travels to Baton Rouge to attend the LSU pro day. While there, Garrett will likely take a close look at the premier draft prospects like Barkevious Mingo, Kevin Minter and Sam Montgomery, but there are a lot more prospects at LSU who could end up in a Cowboys jersey, even as a UDFA. These are the prospects he'll likely get to see (courtesy of the CBSSports big board):

Rank Player Pos. Height Weight Proj. Round
15 Barkevious Mingo OLB 6-4 241 1
29 Kevin Minter ILB 6-0 246 1-2
35 Sam Montgomery DE 6-3 262 1-2
55 Eric Reid FS 6-1 213 2
85 Tyrann Mathieu CB 5-11 186 2-3
116 Chris Faulk OT 6-5 331 3-4
129 Lavar Edwards DE 6-4 277 4
150 Tharold Simon CB 6-2 202 4-5
152 Bennie Logan DT 6-2 309 4-5
166 Brad Wing P 6-2 205 5
198 P.J. Lonergan C 6-3 304 6
292 Michael Ford RB 5-10 210 7-FA
375 Russell Shepard WR 6-1 194 ––
407 Spencer Ware RB 5-10 228 ––
463 Alex Hurst OT 6-1 332 ––
588 Chancey Aghayere DE 6-4 267 ––
612 Josh Downs DT 6-1 297 ––
652 Drew Alleman K 5-11 188 ––
684 Josh Dworaczyk OG 6-6 310 ––

Personally, I'd love to see Eric Reid in a Cowboys uniform. If you were Jason Garrett, which of these prospects would you pay extra special attention to?