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Kyle Wilber Has Opportunity To Grab Strongside Linebacker Spot

The Will and the Mike linebackers will be Bruce Carter and Sean Lee, with the probability that Lee will man the middle spot. But the Sam linebacker is an open competition, and Kyle Wilber might get first shot.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Stephen Jones held a press conference yesterday touching on plenty of subjects, which we'll be covering in coming articles. One of the subjects brought up was the open spot at strongside linebacker. The Cowboys need one more starter to go with Bruce Carter and Sean Lee. According to Jones, they'll primarily be looking at their current roster to find a player, and the first guy mentioned was Kyle Wilber.

"I think it's time for Kyle Wilber to step up," Jones said. "There's a lot of things we liked about him last year, and we're hoping that he can step up and take that challenge. Also, we've got Albright that'll try that spot out, and then we've got Ernie now. We think we're pretty good."

Yesterday the Cowboys brought back Ernie Sims, most thought it was move to add depth behind Carter and Lee. Jones throws Sims' name into the mix for the strongside, but it sure sounds like they want Wilber to grab the spot.

Wilber was a fourth-round pick out of Wake Forest in 2012. He didn't see a lot of time in the 2012 season, he was injured early on and could never break into a regular rotation of playing time.

Earlier this month, we answered a question about Kyle Wilber in our Ask BTB Mailbag. You can check the whole thing out here. Needless to say, some of the front-page writers were not too high on Wilber. But given a new chance at SLB, playing standing up with health issues behind him, maybe we'll see a new player.

Many of us are intrigued by Alex Albright, a guy who did see playing time when the defense was suffering so many issues. It sounds like he'll also get a shot.

What do you think BTB, can the Cowboys use either Wilber, Albright or Sims as the starting SLB, or do they need to look elsewhere?