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Cowboys Workout A&M Linebacker Porter, Longhorns Safety Vaccaro Is Next

The Cowboys are taking a closer look at some of this year's draft talent, giving us some clues about the priorities in this year's draft.

Stacy Revere

The Dallas Cowboys had a workout in College Station with Texas A&M's linebacker Sean Porter, according to a report by Brandon George in the Dallas Morning News. This is to be followed up with a workout in Austin with Texas Longhorn safety Kenny Vaccaro.

The two visits represent some deep research into a couple of positions of need for the Cowboys. Based on current personnel, Porter would be drafted to fill the SAM linebacker position. He has had experience in both the 3-4 and 4-3 defensive schemes at A&M. The question is where he would fall in the draft. Depending on which site you look at, he is seen as a third- or fourth-round talent, and it is possible he would be there for Dallas' #80 pick in the third round. One of the things the Cowboys may be looking for is the level of physicality he brings, since one criticism of his play in the past was a lack of that, tending to use athleticism to elude blockers instead of taking them on. He is not terribly fast and would have had to show that he could engage people directly at the point of attack. But if the team believes he will fit, he would likely be contending with Kyle Wilber for the starting job on the strong side. There is definitely competition to get him in the draft, however, with the Atlanta Falcons having worked him out already and the Kansas City Chiefs planning to.

Vaccaro is going to be a first-round pick, with the boards I have seen considering him the best safety in the draft, and able to play both SS and FS. Drafttek, for instance, has him at the top of both positional listings, with SS being a slightly better fit for him. There is an excellent chance he will be gone by the time the Cowboys get to their first pick at 18, but if the coveted O linemen all get taken earlier, it might push him down, and make him the best player the Cowboys have on their board.


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