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NFL Draft 2013: Potential Targets For The Cowboys Offense [Video]

We take a look at both the needs and some of the possible fits from this loaded draft for the 2013 Dallas Cowboys


We have 36 days left until the NFL Draft and it's time to get down to the nitty gritty. Word came down yesterday that the Cowboys are trying to complete an extension with Tony Romo and that would free up some room for them to possibly sign a free agent or two of merit. Without that, though, Dallas will be dependent on nailing a draft that they enter with only six selections.

The Cowboys have needs on both sides of the ball and unless there are a couple trade down moves, they won't be able to fill them all. This makes the importance on having an "A" draft even more crucial.

In this video entry, I take a look at each of the offensive units and suggest some possible targets that have caught my eye in my draft preparation. Of course, there are plenty of names to consider come April 25th-27th, but if Dallas picked some of these names I wouldn't be the saddest guy in the room.