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Jerry Jones Clouds The Doug Free Situation Even More

If you listen to Jerry Jones, you're excused for being even more confused about what the Cowboys plan to do with Doug Free.


First, before you even read the following, I want to point your attention to a good recap of Doug Free and Jeremy Parnell by Kegbearer in the FanPosts. I'll post the link again at the end of the article, then you should definitely go read it.

Jerry Jones has made the final point on Doug Free. You can take it to the bank. Dallas is going to start Doug Free at right tackle. Or they're going to put him in a rotation with Jeremy Parnell. Or they're going to cut him before the draft. Or it might be after the draft. Or they may just keep him as a backup and use him as the swing tackle.

Yes, Jerry Jones strikes again with his clear as mud, let's take the long way home, syntax and grammar be damned approach to answering a question. On Doug Free:

"I think there’s more to it, without trying to talk in riddles," Jones said. "There’s more to it. That implies a decision after the draft on Free, and we may be doing things there with our offensive line before the draft, relative to Free."

So possibly cut Free before the draft, or cut him after the draft. The former says they don't believe he's any better than Parnell and is too expensive. The latter option says if they draft a right tackle they really like, Free is history. But Jones wasn't done.

"That’s unique that he’s got that experience at left tackle, Free," Jones said. "That might make a difference as we look at any options that we have there, too."

So possibly keep him as a very expensive backup option for both tackle spots? Don't jump to conclusions.

"It’s not impossible, but I could see us staying at his number and sitting there with him and Parnell penciled in and him be the swing or Parnell be the swing with (Tyron) Smith at left tackle and then going on out from there with the rest of the offensive line," Jones said.

Hmm, how about a little more?

Jones later added, "Frankly, we’ve got -- and it’s really born out on our evaluation -- the combination there of Parnell and Free. That combination, because the act of splitting time gives you a great [backup] tackle situation, which you’ve got to have in the ballgame anyway, and, boy, they played well together out there."

So he could be penciled in as the starter or in a rotation with Parnell, or not. OK, I guess we learned that almost anything could still happen with Doug Free. Let's check in with Stephen Jones to be sure.

Jones said Free could still be a June 1 salary cut but the Cowboys will have a better idea of what they will do at the position after the draft. "No decision has been made," Jones said. "It’s not guaranteed. There are a lot of moving parts."

OK, so instead of trying to parse all that out, just check out Keg's Doug Free post.

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