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Cowboys News Links: Jason Garrett On Play-Calling, Josh Brent's Future

A quick swing around the news happening in the Cowboys' world today.


Jason Garrett spoke to the press yesterday. Much of what he discussed was covered by Tom Ryle in an earlier post. One subject that's been hanging out there for months is the idea of who will call the offensive plays for Dallas in 2013.

Will Jason Garrett keep those duties, or will he hand them off, presumably to offensive line coach Bill Callahan. As it stands today, Garrett isn't publicly announcing his decision, but based on his statement I'd project that he hands them off.

"There are good arguments on both sides of it," Garrett said. "But again, they are two very significant jobs with a lot of responsibility, and the more you delegate and give other guys responsibilities and still get the result you want, I think that’s a better way to do things. So we are still evaluating all of that."

Garrett said the decision-making process is still ongoing. "It’s always been a collective process of how we call plays, in terms of our staff being together, our game planning, our communication during the game, so that won’t change," he said. Some of the mechanics we still have to work out as we go forward, but nothing has changed from the last time we talked."

Nothing definitive there, but just guessing that he hands it over to Callahan.


Roger Goodell is supposed to rule on what happens to Josh Brent in terms of playing football again. Of course, Brent has the bigger issue of the trial for the death of teammate Jerry Brown to contend with, but for the Cowboys, some clarity would help their decisions in terms of cap money.

Josh Brent won’t play for the Cowboys in 2013 but the club doesn’t want to comment on the nose tackle publicly until the NFL rules on his status, sources said.


Brent is currently carried on the Cowboys roster with a base salary of $630,000. For a team that finds itself only a whisker under the salary cap, removing Brent’s hit from the payroll would provide at least minimal room to maneuver in free agency.

Most observers think Goodell will give at least a one-year suspension as he did in the similar case of Dante Stallworth in 2009. It could be more given Brent's past brush with DUI and the ever-growing concern about the NFL's image. Either way, Brent certainly won't be playing soon, and who knows if he'll ever play in Dallas again. Good on the Cowboys organization for showing Brent support through this process.


Victor Butler may re-unite with Rob Ryan.

The New Orleans Saints will host free-agent linebacker Victor Butler on a visit Thursday, according to a league source. The Saints are looking for outside linebackers as they convert to a 3-4 scheme under defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.


Jason Witten joins the chorus of people who are concerned how the NFL referee's will enforce the new "helmet rule".

On the NFL continuing to consider new rules regarding the way players can hit each other: "As you go, you do mess with the integrity of the game that we all love. But at the same time, there are measures that have to be taken to protect the game and protect the players. So I think that’s part of the territory we kind of learn as we go here. But I think the consistency that we can have within those hits, both offensively and defensively moving forward, are critical because they can determine the outcome of the game. So I really think, personally, that has to get streamlined into what’s legal and what’s not legal."