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NFL Mock Draft Tracker: Cowboys Targets Narrowing Down To Three Names?

The latest NFL mock drafts suggest a consensus may be forming about who the Cowboys could pick in little over a month. We have a fine selection of 15 mock for you to peruse on mock draft day here on Blogging The Boys.

Chris Chambers

We've got fifteen mocks assembled for your reading pleasure today, and it looks like the field of eligble prospects has begun to shrink. Today, the draft analysts only present six different names for your consideration, and three of those names account for 12 of the 15 selections we review today.

Have a look:

Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
NFL's Future, March 21 Comment: "Not surprisingly, the Cowboys have been inactive early on in free agency. They don’t have the cap to be aggressive in free agency but have plenty of holes to fill. The offensive line is a sore spot and needs to be addressed for Tony Romo’s future. On defense they have nothing at safety. Matt Johnson and Barry Church are solid depth players but the Cowboys will be sorry if they if they go into 2013 with Johnson or Church as starters. Jerry Jones would have to be ecstatic if Vaccaro was available when they are picking in the first round. They are rumored to really like Vaccaro and he fills their biggest need on defense.
Sports Hound, March 21 Comment. "The Cowboys need to upgrade their offensive line again this year, but I don’t think Jerry Jones will do it. If Vaccaro wasn’t on the board, I think they would look at Cooper. The Cowboys just haven’t had a good safety in forever and they also need playmakers on that defense."
Draft King, March 20 Comment: "The Cowboys are shifting from a 3-4 defense to a "Tampa Two" style 4-3 defense, and adding a playmaking safety is going to be a vital part of making that work. Vaccaro has separated himself from the rest of the safety crop, and could end up being off the board before the Bengals go on the clock here. I could just as easily see Vaccaro end up going to, say, Tennessee at #10."
FF Toolbox, March 19 Comment: "The Cowboys have ignored drafting a legit safety for years and it shows. Vaccaro can shore up their back end and allow them to build around core of him and Morris Claiborne."
Fanspeak, March 18 Comment: "The Cowboys still need to fix their safety position and Vaccaro is the best safety in the class. He represents a huge upgrade and improves an already pretty talented defense."
Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina, March 21 Comment: "Cooper may be the most athletic OG in this year 's draft, consistently getting to the 2nd level and also packs a punch with an explosion factor approaching 72 (Combine results: 35 reps, 27 vertical, 9 '4" broad). Move over Mackenzy . . . either to Center or the bench!"
CBSSports (Brugler), March 19 Comment: "I'm sure Jerry Jones will want to make a splash with this pick, but the Cowboys desperately need to revamp the trenches on both sides of the ball. If one of the top two guards (Warmack, Cooper) or top three defensive tackles (Floyd, Lotulelei, Richardson) are still available, I think they'll be the pick."
CBSSports (Brinson), March 18 Comment: "Jerry Jones can talk all he wants about Tony Romo not needing protection. But he's wrong. Cooper will help Romo and the run game immediately."
Draft Season, March 18 Comment: "Dallas needs to address both offensive and defensive line. I look for them to go best available at either. Cooper would be the clear cut winner out of the bunch. Cooper gets put in the shadow of fellow guard Warmack, but when it comes down to it, there is very little drop-off, if any."
Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri
Rotoworld (Norris), March 20 Comment: "The decision was between defensive tackle and safety, but I believe the Cowboys need to get a bit younger up front and Richardson offers positional versatility, working as a three technique tackle or end in a three man front."
CBSSports (Kirwan), March 18
Comment: "The Cowboys might be tempted to take an offensive right tackle, but that means cutting Doug Free, and that doesn't create the cap space they need. It makes more sense to take a defensive tackle to team up with Jay Ratliff and figure out later which one is the NT and the "3 Tech."
Real GM, March 17 Comment: "Richardson has lost some luster from the season, showing up in Indy fatter and slower than expected. The game tape stills says he is a dynamic interior rush presence with exceptional quickness into the gaps, and that makes him awfully appealing to Monte Kiffin. The new Dallas DC built a Super Bowl champion defense around a player eerily similar to Richardson in build and style, Warren Sapp."
Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
Optimum Scouting, March 18 Comment: "Offensive line is easily the Cowboy’s biggest need, both at guard and right tackle. Warmack fits the Cowboys "mauling" offensive gameplan, and he’s a great value in the mid 1st."
Shariff Floyd, DT, Florida
NE Patriots draft, March 21 Comment: "Considering Florida’s Sharrif Floyd could be in play at the No. 1 overall pick, getting him at No. 18 overall would be terrific value for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys could really use an upgrade at defensive tackle as they switch to a four-man front in the Tampa 2 defense, and should not pass up Floyd here. Floyd is an explosive athlete who can be an impact player as an interior penetrator. He is strong and a playmaker in run defense, while he can also give the team another interior pass-rushing threat alongside Jason Hatcher."
DJ Fluker, OT, Alabama
CBSSports (Judge), March 18 Comment: "One tackle spot is settled, but it's the right tackle that's an issue. Not if Fluker's on the board it isn't."