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Dallas Cowboys Closing In On Deals For Tony Romo And Anthony Spencer?

Multiple reports indicate that the Cowboys may be closer to finalizing deals with Romo and Spencer than had previously been anticipated.

Bob Levey

Something appears to be afoot at Valley Ranch, if the the latest Tweets making the rounds through the Twitterverse are to be believed. Nick Eatman of started it off by suggesting that the Cowboys were bringing in free agents in anticipation of extensions with Spencer and Romo being completed soon:

Ed Werder also picked up some rumblings from Valley Ranch, only he reports that the Cowboys are close to a deal with Anthony Spencer.

In a later tweet, Werder clarified that the Cowboys visited OL Brandon Moore last week, not the Eric Moore in his tweet. There had been local reports that the Cowboys did not have a meeting scheduled with Brandon Moore - which could make sense if that meeting had already happened.

But back to the pending deals. Mike Fisher also enters the fray on Anthony Spencer, and also indicates that a deal could be imminent.

We don't know whether these reports are false alarms, smokescreens or something else, but it certainly looks like the things are starting to move.