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The 2013 BTB Mock Draft Challenge: Post Free Agency Edition

Nothing you're doing right now is more important than this Mock Draft Challenge. You may think you have something more important to do, but trust me, you are mistaken. Submit your mock draft now and have it voted on by your fellow BTB members. Think you're up to the challenge?

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The 2013 NFL draft is still 30 days away, the Cowboys probably aren't going to do anything in free agency anytime soon and there's not much breaking Cowboys news today either. What better time for some mock draft fun?

The challenge for you: Create a Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft.

This is the second time this year we're doing this exercise, after doing our first one in January. So go ahead, create your Mock Draft for the Dallas Cowboys and submit it for a peer review by your Blogging The Boys peers. The BTB community will hand out recommendations for those mocks they like the most, and the winner even gets a prize this time around!

But wait. There are rules. You can't just pick whatever players you like.


The Rules

  • We will use Drafttek's Mock Draft from March 26, 2013 as the basis for all mock drafts. We will assume that all draft-eligible players will be available at exactly the spot the Drafttek Mock Draft puts them at.
  • Dallas owns the no. 18, 47, 80, 114, 151 and 185 picks.
  • You pick at your exact spot or anywhere below that (e.g. 18th or anywhere from 18 to 28 or so)
  • You are allowed only one trade down. The value you give up in the trade up must be equal to or greater than the value you receive, e.g. your 18th (900 pts) pick could get you Minnesota's 25th and 83rd picks (895 pts). Drafttek has Jonathan Cooper mocked to the Rams at #22, so trading down in the first round will probably be quite appealing for most Cowboys fans.
  • You may however trade up as often as you want. Again though, the value you give up in the trade up must be equal to or greater than the value you receive, e.g. your 18th (900 pts) and your 80th (190 pts) picks could get you the 15th pick (1,050 pts).
  • Use this handy draft pick value calculator and the draft value chart immediately below it, it will make this exercise a lot easier.


Just as a reminder, here are the two previous winning mocks:

January winner: Trueblue122
January runner-up: Rena
Rd Player Rd Player
1 Kawann Short, DT Purdue
1 Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina
2 Matt Elam, S, Florida 2 Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina
3 Alvin Bailey, OG, Arkansas 3 Tony Jefferson, S, OKlahoma
4 Brian Schwenke, OC, California 4 Brian Schwenke, C, California
5 Kennan Davis, WR, Iowa 5 Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas
6 Bruce Taylor, LB, Virginia Tech 6 Montori Hughes, DT, Tennessee-Martin


The Prize

The BTB Mock Draft challenge will close on Saturday morning at 6:00 AM ET, and the mock that generates the highest number of recommendations by then will be declared the winner. Tie-breaker will be the timestamp on the mock, with the earlier mock getting the win.

A benefactor who prefers to remain anonymous has agreed to hand out a prize for the winning mock: The winner of our Post-Free Agency Mock Challenge will receive this beautiful water bottle.


So put some effort into your mock. And perhaps even more importantly, as you read through the mocks other BTB members have posted, look for mocks that you like and rec' them (Press "rec" at the bottom of the comment with the mock you like). And don't be stingy with your rec's. It's more fun for everybody involved if we have a high rec' count.


Like the other BTB writers, I'm ineligible for the prize, but to get this party started, I'll submit the following mock anyway:

TRADE DOWN: 18 for St. Louis' 22+113+149+184 (900 for 898.6 points)

Rd 1. (22) Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

Rd 2. (47) Kawann Short, DT, Purdue

Rd 3. (80) Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff

TRADE UP: 113+114+185 for New England's 91+226+235 (152.4 for 140.7 points)

Rd 3. (91) Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina

TRADE UP: 149+226+235 for Tennessee's 142 (36.5 for 35 points)

Rd 5. (142) Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma State

Rd 5. (151) Sanders Commings, CB/S, Georgia

Rd 6. (184) Cobi Hamilton, WR, Arkansas


Your turn.

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