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[VIDEO] Is Tony Romo Worth His New Deal?

Our own KD Drummond gives his opinion on the Tony Romo deal in this short video.

The Dallas Cowboys signed Tony Romo to a new deal worth $108 million with $55 million guaranteed. With this deal the Cowboys should be the only team Romo ever suits up for in the NFL. His statistics say he is worthy of that kind of cash, but the team's success during his tenure has come up short. So is it the team around him? Is it Romo at fault? That debate is a constant theme with the Cowboys fanbase and around the NFL.

Regardless, Dallas had to free up some cash to sign their upcoming draft picks and to do some more free agent shopping should they choose that route. The easiest way to get there was to redo Romo's contract. With free agency looming for Romo and without the hammer of the franchise tag for the organization, the leverage was all on Romo's side.

In the video above, KD gives his take on the deal.

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