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BTB Community Mock Draft '13 Kickoff Thread: Sign Up Thread

It's about that time, folks! Get your Mel Kiper on!

Want to be an NFL GM? Well here's your shot! For the third consecutive year, I'll be organizing the Community Mock, giving our readers the chance to make a first-round pick for an NFL team. The process is simple, volunteer to be the GM of any of the 31 available teams and if selected, you will be required to draft a player based on team needs and availability.

Why 31? Because we are going to take nominations for the Dallas Cowboys. The user that gets the most votes will have the honor of making the selection on behalf of America's Team. Two years ago, then-FanPoster Archie Barberio made the selection and last year Birddog26 had the honors. Who will it be this year?

For the last two years, each of the other teams has been awarded on a first come, first serve basis. This year I'll do something different: a weighted lottery.

Stake your claim to one team, and one team only. I will randomly select one user from each team to be that franchise's GM. The lottery is weighted; those that sign up first have a better chance of winning the role.

Now, I know this sounds like a lot of fun, but please... if you aren't going to be active and stay engaged, don't volunteer. It is a headache and a half trying to track down GMs so that other team's aren't held up.

You will be required to provide AT LEAST the basic information for the draft pick, although it would be nice if you also gave a blurb about why you made the selection. If you don't provide your pick by the date assigned, your pick will be made for you so we can keep things going. Since we are short on time, with 46 days left and 32 picks, we're going back to back. I recommend having a draft board a couple players deep so as soon as you're on the clock you have a good idea where you are going.

So stake claim to your team now. Once the lottery is run I will post a thread announcing the GMs as well as all of the team needs so you can get to studying. The first pick of the Community Mock will be March 18th.

Don't forget to nominate your BTB bretheren for the right to make the Cowboys pick!

Pick Team Potential GM 1 Potential GM 2 Potential GM 3 Potential GM 4 Potential GM 5
1 Chiefs Trueblue122 Travlr
2 Jaguars Alpha Da Jugganot
3 Raiders Linebacker22 FuriousDman
4 Eagles demarcus94 sumdudeiknew Scurrah Jurrah
5 Lions Sean N Souna21
6 Browns LeedsCowboys Tennessee_Jed
7 Cardinals Glory Daze Gambit2440
8 Bills accidental innuendo oddsbettor I'm Jed & I hate the giants
9 Jets oddsbettor Clutch City Antonio S the_lc_show
10 Titans TNCowbyfan Dirtheavy
11 Chargers DEL1SLE MosesArt
12 Dolphins hectorthegreatone Antonio S the_lc_show safwant Hookem Up
13 Buccaneers ketom1220 YumaCactus
14 Panthers TARHEEL PAUL @Tonekupone Wreck'emCowboys StarloverinWNC
15 Saints Rena MosesArt
16 Rams PeytonLink88 Terry StarCA
17 Steelers Terry sumdudeiknew D-boys
18 Cowboys Specific gabrielau23 TXHorn D-boys
19 Giants Fernie67 Wreck'emCowboys
20 Bears Bigdad Joe Hookem Up Big.Blue.Daddy
21 Bengals AirmanMedicFarmer Da Jugganot
22 Rams The Tower @Tonekupone
23 Vikings gasman8 Clutch City mncwboy
24 Colts The Tower Travlr
25 Seahawks jazzbo251 Baloo StarCA
26 Packers rockkicker hashishkabob
27 Texans LizardState Blueflash
28 Broncos Combine_Warrior realfanandairman
29 Patriots Baloo starmesh23
30 Falcons therock ProBowlFactory starmesh23 StarloverinWNC
31 49ers Proxy406 LizardState jazzbo251 RenoCowboy
32 Ravens Pnut Gallery sumdudeiknew ProBowlFactory

Here's a sample of a community mock thread from a previous year. The actual selection and the "Why The Pick" section are what you'll need to worry about. I'll complete the rest. This was a lot of fun the last two years. I can't wait to see what you can come up with after some free agency action.