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Cowboys Unlikely To Sign Jarvis Moss After Workout

After a workout at Valley Ranch, the reports weren't positive on Jarvis Moss.

Ezra Shaw

This is the time of the year when teams check out street free agents to see if they have anything left of value to contribute. We know how important these guys can end up being; the Cowboys used many last year, including some that did pretty well, like Ernie Sims. Most of those were in-season signings, but you can also pick up some help now.

Dallas took a look at former first-round pick Jarvis Moss this week. Moss could help provide depth at the defensive end spot if he had anything left. But, according to Bryan Broaddus, that doesn't look likely.

On Wednesday, they did just that in working out former first round selection of the Broncos, Jarvis Moss. A local product, Moss had bounced around to a couple of different clubs before sitting out the 2012 NFL season. In a report from the workout, the word that describes how it went was “decent,” which is scout lingo for, “We’re glad you came in, but we are going to keep hunting for players.” We all remember how this pro department responded last season when injuries put this club in a terrible place, but they were able to add several bodies that kept the season from totally falling apart.

Moss had a big name due to his first round draft status, but has never really put it together in the NFL. Maybe the Cowboys come back to him later if they can't draft or pick up other free agents, but it sounds doubtful.