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Are The Cowboys Interested In Eddie Lacy At 18?

An interesting tweet has surfaced and has thrown out the idea that the Dallas Cowboys could be thinking about drafting Alabama running back Eddie Lacy.

Kevin C. Cox

Even though the Dallas Cowboys have a talented running back in DeMarco Murray, they do need to add another running back to the stable. Murray is a dynamic talent, but in his first two seasons he's dealt with injuries and missed games. When Murray is out of the lineup, the Cowboys simply don't get into a groove offensively.

The argument can be made that it doesn't matter who is in the backfield because Dallas needs to seriously upgrade their offensive line. Still it's not a bad idea for the Cowboys to invest a draft pick in a talented running back that can offer them another weapon. We've discussed some mid-round options for the Cowboys, but drafting a running back with the 18th overall pick hasn't come into play or been a popular discussion.

This tweet came out the other day and it centered around the Cowboys possibly being interested in Alabama running back Eddie Lacy.

The Huddle Report was one of the first sources that broke the news that the Cowboys were possibly interested trading up to select LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne. O.C.C. posted an article about that news last year, so you can check out that post here. With their previous information on Claiborne, The Huddle Report has some history of providing somewhat reliable draft information pertaining to the Dallas Cowboys.

Before we storm the castle, let's take a moment to consider what Eddie Lacy would bring to the Cowboys. Lacy is similar to Marshawn Lynch, a powerful runner who has the burst and toughness to become a workhorse running back in the NFL. If it weren't for his horrific knee injuries, Marcus Lattimore would be the consensus #1 running back in this draft, but Lacy moves into that spot because he's been durable and healthy.

Lacy won't last to us in the second round, if he did that would be extremely surprising because he's probably going to be the first running back taken off of the board. Say the Cowboys' targets are all gone at 18 and they can't make a trade down, then could taking Lacy become a real possibility? What if the Cowboys absolutely love Eddie Lacy and have him with a high draft grade? Could you fault them for taking him that high? Lacy is the type of power running back the Cowboys could fall in love with.

At the end of the day, the NFL Draft is all about taking the best players who can help you win football games. No matter the position, if a team loves a player and thinks he can become a game changer, then draft him and plug him into your system. Representing the other end of the spectrum, running backs can be found later in the draft. The Cowboys can pick up a player at 18 who can start for them at another position, and then select a running back to pair with Murray after the first round.

The draft is inching closer and the rumors are starting to fly around. Lacy could become the next Marshawn Lynch or maybe Frank Gore, so is that worth the 18th overall pick? Whether this is a valid or invalid rumor, tell us in the comment section what you think about the Cowboys drafting Eddie Lacy.

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