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Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft Tracker: Going Two-Deep

We review 10 brand new Cowboys mock drafts, all of which go two rounds deep.

Chris Chambers

The world of mock drafts is like an oriental bazaar, with draftniks peddling their mock drafts from tightly packed stalls, one more garish than the other.

It's a treacherous place, full of dimly lit back rooms where supposed insider information is handed out under the table. Where mocks way past their sell-by date are given a new paint job and sold for a fee. Where fake or improperly assembled mocks are being offered to you by click-junkies who'll hand out the picks one click at a time.

We have braved that lawless frontier to bring you only the good stuff: a wide selection of the freshest (published this week) and most satisfying (two rounds) mock drafts out there. So here it is, all the mock draft goodness to satisfy your mock draft needs as we review ten brand new mock drafts.

Walter Football, April 11 1. Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

Comment: "The Cowboys absolutely love both Jonathan Cooper and Kenny Vaccaro. Jerry Jones has shown that he's not afraid to move up for a prospect he really likes when he obtained Morris Claiborne last year. He may move up for either Cooper or Vaccaro."

2. Eric Reid, S, LSU

Comment: "The safety position was a major weak point for the Cowboys this past season after Barry Church tore his Achilles' tendon. Gerald Sensabaugh's release only magnified that need, though the team did recently sign Will Allen. "

Drafttek, April 9 1. Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

Comment: "Word in Dallas is that Cooper is one of the Cowboys' "top first-round targets." Cooper is fast for his size, athletic on the move and packs quite a punch with an explosion factor of almost 72. His 35 reps went a long way towards proving that Cooper is not simply an athletic Guard who doesn't have a power element to his blocking arsenal. Paired with Tyron Smith on the left side, the two could form a duo that can move and block in space unlike anything the Cowboys have seen in a long time. The Cowboys don't have a history of picking linemen high, but they can't afford to pass on a lineman of his caliber. Especially considering that Cooper is both scheme-versatile (he can play zone- and power schemes equally well) and position-versatile (OG/OC), giving the Cowboys the "multiplicity" they value so much in their players. Cooper perfectly fits the athletic profile Garrett and OL-coach Callahan want in their linemen as they move to more of a zone-blocking scheme."

2. Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida Int'l

Comment: "Stephen Jones said earlier in the year that the Cowboys have a need at Safety - not surprising after the Cowboys gave up an average passer rating of 94.7, the fourth-worst value in the league. Cyprien visited with 11 NFL teams prior to the draft, but the Cowboys end up with the full-contact, full-speed, full-attitude Safety, and add some much-needed durability and stability to an injury-plagued backfield."

Draft Breakdown (Parsons), April 9 1. Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

Comment: "Whether or not the Cowboys add a free agent right tackle or not, they still need interior help, and Cooper fits the bill."

2. Matt Elam, S, Florida

Comment: - -

CBSSports (Brugler), April 8 1. Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas

Comment: "Drafting a lineman, either offensive or defensive, with this pick makes the most sense, but with the top prospects off the board, Texas' Vaccaro is very much a possibility for Dallas who needs to make upgrades at safety."

2. Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky

Comment: "A Jerry Jones-type guard who also worked out at center for some teams."

Draft Ace (McCrystal), April 7 1. Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas

Comment: "With both of the top guards off the board, this is a tough call for the Cowboys. The pick may come down to D.J. Fluker and Vaccaro. The Cowboys have been content with a patchwork offensive line in recent years, but have spent big money on the secondary. With that in mind, I’ll learn toward Vaccaro. "

2. Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State

Comment: - -

Sporting News, (Galko), April 8 1. Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas

Comment: "The reports are that if Vaccaro is still on the board, he is a near-lock for the Cowboys at 18--if they don’t trade up to secure him earlier. "

2. D.J. Swearinger, S, South Carolina

Comment: - -

NE Patriots draft (Christensen), April 8 1. D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama

Comment: "The Cowboys offensive line just isn’t good at all. Adding Fluker at right tackle is just a start. I’d expect the Cowboys to spend multiple picks on the offensive line this April."

2. Travis Frederick, OG/OC, Wisconsin

Comment: "Fluker was just the beginning and Frederick might not be the end. He can play any of the interior line positions, giving the Cowboys some flexibility inside. I love him as a pulling guard, he is so good at the second level."

FF Toolbox (De Lima), April 9 1. D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama

Comment: "The Cowboys right side of the line would see a big upgrade with the addition of the run-blocking Fluker."

2. Margus Hunt, DE, SMU

Comment: "Hunt can likely play multiple spots along the defensive line. He's a huge prospect at 6'8 and remains very raw. Definite first round potential."

CBSSports (Rang), April 8 1. Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

Comment: After a long run with the 3-4 defense the Cowboys are making the switch to the 4-3 alignment with new coordinator Monte Kiffin. For Kiffin's famous Tampa-2 scheme to work the team will need to add a penetrating three-technique defensive tackle. Williams left scouts buzzing with his athleticism at the North Carolina Pro Day and would be a perfect schematic fit."

2. Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida Int'l

Comment: "A Senior Bowl standout who could sneak into the top of the second round."

SBNation (Fairburn), April 8 1. Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

Comment: "The Cowboys could desperately use a safety here, but the depth at the position in this draft could allow them to wait until the second day. The offensive line is the bigger issue, and the value Chance Warmack presents is too much to pass up."

2. Matt Elam, S, Florida

Comment: "Safety is a sore spot on the Cowboys' defense that needs to be addressed in the first two days."

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