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BTB Site News: Editable Comments And Collapsible Threads Are Coming

The most requested feature in the history of SB Nation is coming to Blogging The Boys this week.

Vince Caligiuri

Editable comments are easily the most requested feature across the entire SB Nation network - and they are coming to BTB next week. Our frontpage writers have been testing the new feature on a private testing site on SB Nation and can barely contain their excitement.

Here's how the new feature will work:

  • After you post a comment, an "edit" button appears near the "rec" and "flag" links on your comment.
  • You have 90 seconds to edit your comment. To indicate this, at the bottom of the comment you posted, a small and non-obtrusive "progress bar" will appear along with a countdown number indicating how much time you have left.
  • Your editing must be completed within those 90 seconds. If you click the button one minute after your post, you need to make your edit and hit post again within the next 30 seconds, for example.

This feature is designed to help with small typos or formatting issues that occasionally occur; it is specifically not designed to allow wholesale changes to comments hours or days after the fact.

An additional feature we are implementing are "collapsible comments." This allows you to collapse an entire sub-thread within a comments section and skip further down the page without scrolling. Let's say you start reading a post with 300+ comments and there is a 100+ comment chain in the middle that goes off topic and you have no interest in wading through, simply collapse the top comment and all subsequent comments will disappear as well.

Note that this does not mean we are encouraging long, off-topic comment threads, far from it. It is simply a tool designed to enhance the site experience for those users who have no interest in clicking though endless comments they couldn't care less about.

Are you looking forward to these features?

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