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Dallas Cowboys 2013 Draft Predictions: Who Do You Think The Cowboys Will Pick?

It's put up or shut up time. Put together a list of 25 players you think the Cowboys will draft and submit them for the record. After the draft we'll look at how accurate our predictions were.

Ronald Martinez

DeMarcus Ware recently said it was time to "put up or shut up," and we're taking him by his word. Here's your chance to predict which players the Cowboys will pick in the 2013 draft.

All you've got to do is submit a list of up to 25 players, irrespective of round, that you think the Cowboys will draft. How you arrive at your selection is entirely up to you. You can carpet-bomb the first three rounds; you can focus on specific positions; you can look at the list of players the Cowboys invited for pre-draft vists or local "Dallas day" workouts; anything goes, but you've got to stick to 25 players.

Using the 'Little Board' format that rabblerousr has been championing here on BTB, rabble and I will submit our Top 25, and I'll go first:

OCC's 25 prospects for the Cowboys

1 (18) 2 (47) 3 (80) 4 (114) 5 (151) 6 (185)

Le’Veon Bell
Stepfan Taylor
Joseph Randle Latavius Murray
OG Johnathan Cooper Terron Armstead
Travis Frederick
Vinston Painter
Brian Schwenke
David Quessenberry Reid Fragel

DT Sheldon Richardson
Sylvester Williams
Kawann Short Bennie Logan Jordan Hill
Akeem Spence


Sean Porter
Zaviar Gooden
Gerald Hodges Brandon Magee
Eric Reid
J. J. Wilcox Ray Polk Jakar Hamilton

I think the Cowboys will be looking for linemen in the first three rounds, and I'm stacking my list with athletic linemen who should be available in rounds 2-4. Similarly, I'm looking at big, workhorse running backs starting in the third round. I think the Cowboys are in play for a wide receiver and a tight end, I'm just not sure where. And with the limited number of picks I have available, I'm not pursuing WR or TE at all.

My choices for defensive tackle and linebacker mirror my choices for OL and RB: I think the Cowboys will look for DTs early and LBs in the mid to late rounds. At safety, I'm not sure what the Cowboys' strategy is. I think they really like Eric Reid and could take him if he's within reach. But I also think that outside of Reid, they won't take a safety early, and would rather go looking for some undervalued prospects late in the draft.

I'm also looking for a trade-down that could result in an extra third- or fourth-round pick (or both), which is why my table looks a little bloated in the middle.

Of course, I could be - and probably am - completely wrong about all of this. But that's for you and me to find out over the weekend.

rabblerousr's 25 prospects for the Cowboys

1 (18) 2 (47) 3 (80) 4 (114) 5 (151) 6 (185)

Le’Veon Bell
Stepfan Taylor
Knile Davis
Marcus Wheaton

Josh Boyce

Dion Sims
D.C. Jefferson
OG Johnathan Cooper Terron Armstead
Kyle Long

David Quessenberry

DT Sheldon Richardson
Bennie Logan Jordan Hill
Nick Williams
Akeem Spence Josh Boyd

Gerald Hodges
Zaviar Gooden
Brandon Magee
SS Kenny Vaccaro

J. J. Wilcox
Jakar Hamilton

Phillip Thomas Sanders Commings

Rabblerousr simply whittled down his slightly larger "Little Board" (an update of which will likely be posted here within the next two days) until he arrived at the players he felt most comfortable with.

Over to you: Put together your 25 picks (think of it as four options for each of the Cowboys' six picks and one pick for good luck). Keep the format simple. We'll award one point for each correct name you've predicted.

Your reward? Some fun in compiling your list of 25 names and bragging rights for whoever gets the most picks right.

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