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Cowboys 2013 Draft: Order, Pick Tracker And Open Thread (Round One)

We made it! We made it!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We've finally made it to the draft! 117 days after the final day of the regular season, we've reached the highlight of the offseason. 32 young men will have their lives changed forever over the next couple hours and we are honored you've chosen to watch it all unfold in a pow-wow with us.

Pick 18 is a long ways away, so get your wait on while they roll in.

Here's a look at the draft order as it stands now, we'll update it as trades and picks are announced.

Pick Team Selection Trade Details
1 Kansas City Eric Fisher
2 Jacksonville Luke Joeckel
3 Miami Dion Jordan 3 for 12+42
4 Philadelphia Lane Johnson
5 Detroit
6 Cleveland
7 Arizona
8 Buffalo
9 NY Jets
10 Tennessee
11 San Diego
12 Miami
13 NY Jets
14 Carolina
15 New Orleans
16 St. Louis
17 Pittsburgh
18 Dallas
19 NY Giants
20 Chicago
21 Cincinnati
22 St. Louis
23 Minnesota
24 Indianapolis
25 Minnesota
26 Green Bay
27 Houston
28 Denver
29 New England
30 Atlanta
31 San Francisco
32 Baltimore

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