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2013 NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys Trade Out Of Pick 18

The Cowboys have seen their top targets drop and made a move back in the draft.

Rich Schultz

While everyone was expecting the Cowboys to grab the free-falling Sharrif Floyd, the Cowboys War Room broke out the Trader Jerry magic.

Dallas trades Pick 18 to San Francisco for picks 31 and 74. According to the Trade Value Chart, which St. Louis and Buffalo adhered to but the Oakland Raiders apparently never heard of, this trade breaks down as follows.

Dallas 18 (900 pts) to San Fran 31 (600) and 74 (220). So Dallas actually gives up 80 points on the trade to pick up an early 3rd rounder. That's more than the value that they received last year when they moved up for Morris Claiborne from 14 to 6 and gave up their second rounder as well.

The 49ers used the pick to select FS Eric Reid from LSU, who was rumored to be one of the Cowboys draft targets as well. We'll see if the Cowboys have any other tricks up their sleeve as the first round progresses.

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