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NFL Draft Results: Dallas Cowboys Consulted With Tony Romo On 2nd-Day Draft Picks

Hours before the draft on Friday, the Cowboys spent time with Tony Romo reviewing film of Gavin Escobar and Terrance Williams. For the Cowboys, being able to draft both players turned out to be "a major plus."

Wesley Hitt

In yesterday's post-draft press conference, Jerry Jones revealed that the Cowboys spent time before the draft on Friday reviewing film of Gavin Escobar, Terrance Williams and a third receiver [Justin Hunter, per DC,com]. Escobar and Williams, according to the Cowboys, were both ranked in the "early 20s" on the Cowboys' draft board, as was Travis Frederick who, according to reports, was ranked 22nd on the Cowboys' board.

"We were very interested in seeing specifically spend our time with Tony on Escobar and Terrence Williams and one other receiver. We just wanted him to spend some time looking at it, and he does a good job of that. We wanted to visit about the very thing that Jason has addressed, and that is Escobar: 'How confident will you be? What do you think of 12, 11, 13 as Jason said, that package, which is a lot of tight ends.’ He's got a good perspective."

According to Jones, Romo liked what he saw from both prospects, and the Cowboys got a little lucky when Terrance Williams was still available in the third round. Jones called the availability of Williams "a major plus", which ultimately allowed the Cowboys to draft three players with high second or borderline first round grades.

"It was absolutely amazing how we were looking right at players [just hours before the draft] that were sitting there for us to make a decision on when we were sitting back there this afternoon looking at those players."

Jones went on to explain that the scouts and coaches ultimately had much more influence on these types of decisions. Stephen Jones added that the Cowboys used to take Troy Aikman to workouts sometimes, and "it’s interesting to get another perspective."

Jerry Jones also recounted that he had received a call from Romo after the first round, in which Romo said "thank you for my extra half a second" after the Cowboys had drafted Travis Frederick. The Cowboys expect Frederick, along with Tyron Smith, to be the foundation around which they'll build their offensive line going forward.

It's interesting to see that both Escobar and Williams, as surprising as these picks may have seemed at first glance, were specifically targeted by the Cowboys, and targeted to an extent that they had their QB review game film of the prospects before day two of the draft even got under way.

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