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2013 NFL Draft Results: Cowboys Bring Seven New Players Into The Fold

The NFL Draft has reached it's conclusion, here's a recap of the Cowboys haul.


The Cowboys entered the draft with plenty of holes and six picks. There was no way they were going to fill all of those needs, even though there were fans that had that incorrect impression. In no specific order, the Cowboys could have used a guard, center, tackle, receiver, running back, tight end, quarterback, tight end, linebacker, defensive end, defensive tackle, safety and corner.

Yes, I listed everything but the special team slots. To think Dallas could fill all of those holes with just six picks was being unrealistic.

However you want to feel about what Dallas did with the trade of the 18th pick for picks 31 and 74, Dallas did give themselves an extra selection in what was referred to as a flat, deep draft with a big bubble between picks 30 and 120.

So what did they do to augment this roster? Well, they drafted players that were invites (5 of first 6) as Rabblerousr tried to drill into our heads that they would. They also chose players at positions that are currently manned by high salary guys that are nearing the end of their productivity curve.

Here's a quick snapshot of their seven selections:

1. Travis Frederick, C (31)

The Cowboys desperately needed to add talent to the interior of their offensive line and did that with Frederick. Considered by some to be the best center available and Top 3 universally. He gives Dallas their second high pedigree drafted player on the line with LT Tyron Smith. Dallas could still look to sign a FA right tackle like Clabo or Winston.

2. Gavin Escobar, TE (47)

Escobar is noted for his huge size (6'6"+) and his ability to catch balls over the top or down by his feet. He adds to the mix at TE with Witten and Hanna and has the Dallas front office talking about 13 personnel groups, not just 12s (three and two tight end sets).

3. Terrance Williams, WR (74)

Williams is a deep threat that had ultimate productivity at Baylor, including a 300 yard game against West Virginia. A big target for Tony Romo.

4. JJ Wilcox, S (80)

A small school safety that only has one year at the position after being a WR/RB his first three years. Physical specimen that can run and has tremendous upside. Return ability as well.

5. BW Webb, CB (114)

Another small school guy that simply shut the field down while in college. 8 interceptions as a freshman and opposing quarterbacks chose other targets the last three years. Showed his worth at the Senior Bowl and will compete for nickel corner immediately. Tremendous punt return value.

6. Joseph Randle, RB (151)

A DeMarco Murray clone. Speedy, one-cut, great pass catcher and pass blocker. 40 TDs in his last two years in college and carried a 5.5 ypc average through his career.

7. DeVonte Holloman, LB (185)

Holloman is a former safety that moved down into the box as he matured physically. Perfect candidate for the Sam LB spot, can matchup with tight ends, has good play anticipation and has good vision into the backfield to sort through traffic.

Now it's on to the UDFA hunt!

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