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2013 NFL Draft: Cowboys UDFA Tracker

Nothing like the post draft signing of a few dozen targets that had draft day grades. Especially for the Dallas Cowboys.

Jed Jacobsohn

As the day goes by, we'll start to get news of UDFA signings through various resources. We'll do our best to populate them here. Folks should remember, that like collegiate commitments, players can decommit from one club to another.

You may have heard, that the Cowboys are pretty good at finding gems in the heap after the draft that other teams overlook. Like Green Bay back in 2003.

CBS Rank Player POS School Source
206 Brandon Magee LB ASU
439 Jakar Hamilton FS SC State
447 Cameron Lawrence LB Mississippi State Cam Lawrence
462 Devin Smith CB Wisconsin
467 Dustin Harris CB/KR Texas A&M
486 B.J. Stewart TE Cumberland B.J. Stewart
504 Kendial Lawrence RB Missouri
562 Tank Reed LB SMU
591 Xavier Brewer CB Clemson Twitter
628 Greg Herd WR Eastern Washington
661 Jeff Heath SS Saginaw Valley State
701 Eric Rogers WR Cal Lutheran DMN
944 Deon Lacy LB West Alabama DMN
- - Paul Freedman TE/FB Virginia
- - Dalton Williams QB Akron
- - Spencer Benton K Clemson DMN

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