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Report: Dallas Cowboys "Really Like" Right Tackle Tyson Clabo

A report from CBSSports suggests the Cowboys really like Tyson Clabo and remain in contact with him. Will they take a decision on the right tackle situation soon?

The Giant on the right? That's Clabo.
The Giant on the right? That's Clabo.
Jamie Squire

After the draft, Jerry Jones said on Saturday night that the Cowboys would address the Doug Free situation immediately and were looking to meet with Free quickly to resolve the situation "sooner rather than later." Executive vice president Stephen Jones had earlier indicated that Free’s situation was yet "to be determined," but was emphatic that the Cowboys want Free to remain with the team, albeit at a reduced salary.

The tricky part in all of this is that the Cowboys failed to address their obvious issue at right tackle in the draft and now really don't have much of a bargaining position with Doug Free anymore, short of an outright release. So it may be more than a happy coincidence that a report by Jason LaConfora from CBSSports says the Cowboys really like free agent right tackle Tyson Clabo:

RT Tyson Clabo: A stalwart for the Falcons, he got caught in a cap crunch. The Cowboys really like him and remain in contact with him and need to make this move. Get rid of Doug Free and his $7 million salary and give Clabo his $3.5 million-$4 million and call it an upgrade. I know Dallas is in a cap crunch, but after a questionable draft, upgrading some offensive line personnel now would be wise. And the Dolphins are now in on Clabo, too, hosting him for a visit starting Tuesday night.

Tony Romo is without question the most important, and now also the most expensive player on the Cowboys roster. Ensuring that he can play to the maximum of his abilities is a pretty sound strategy. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have already invested a small fortune in Romo's contract extension and have invested this years first round pick in giving Romo "an extra half second" and more draft picks to give Romo and the offense extra weapons. Compared to that, $3.5 - $ 4 million to fix the right tackle situation is small change.

And with Clabo being courted by the Dolphins as you read this, now may be a good time to take a decision on what to do at right tackle.

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