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Cowboys Wide Receivers: Beyond Dez Bryant & Miles Austin

The Cowboys have a lethal duo in Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, when they are healthy. But that's been an issue over the last few years, with both players limited or missing time for parts of seasons. Can they rely on the rest of the roster?

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The Cowboys top two wide receivers are as good as you'll find when they're healthy, and that's the rub. Miles Austin's hamstrings have been an issue for a while, and Dez Bryant has had his share of bumps including the finger issue from the end of last year. Luckily, Bryant says his finger is just fine now.

So, who do we have behind that dynamic duo? The Cowboys official roster reads like this:

Dwayne Harris
Cole Beasley
Danny Coale
Anthony Armstrong
Tim Benford
Jared Green
Carlton Mitchell

Harris is the most likely choice for #3 WR this year. His recent run at the end of last season showed he could be more than just a special teams return guy. He should get first shot at substantial playing time in three-receiver sets and in case of injury. Garrett likes the progress he's seen from Harris:

"Dwayne did a really good job really growing throughout last season," coach Jason Garrett said recently. "(He's) a guy that we really liked coming out of the draft. We drafted him I think in the fifth or sixth round a couple years ago, and we saw him as a role player, a guy that we wanted to grow in that fifth receiver spot. Started to develop a role on special teams as a returner, was a guy who was always very steady with the ball in his hands as a returner, but then he showed us as the season wore on that he could make some game-changing plays as a returner. He got some more opportunities on offense and took advantage of those, and like a lot of guys he really has grown up over the course of his couple years in the league."

One guy who we didn't get to see a lot of from is 2012 draftee Danny Coale. He was very productive at Virginia Tech but injury kept him on the practice squad. Coale might be a surprise if he can stay healthy. His former college coach said this about him recently:

“One time, I was asked, ‘How does that guy always get open?’ ” Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer said. “Plays develop and plays develop and plays develop, and there’s Danny wide open – I don’t know how many times that happened at Tech. He’s fast, but you just look at him, you don’t think he is. He sneaks up on you. I think people underestimated his speed sometimes. But he catches the ball. He gets open. And he’s got some toughness to him.”

Anthony Armstrong might be a guy the Cowboys are hoping can grab some playing time, considering they released him to sign Justin Durant, then re-signed him officially today. They must like something about him to bring him back.

The Cowboys officially re-signed wide receiver Anthony Armstrong on Tuesday. Armstrong was a cap casualty two weeks ago when the Cowboys signed Justin Durant and Will Allen. Quarterback Tony Romo’s extension opened up more room for the Cowboys to bring back the speedy receiver this week. The former Redskins and Dolphins receiver joined the Cowboys’ roster late last season before getting cut in December. The Cowboys brought back Armstrong after the end of the regular season hoping his speed could bring an added dimension to the receiving corps.

And finally, there is many people's pet cat, Cole Beasley. He had one big game in the middle of the year against Washington but couldn't turn that into extended playing time.

So what do you think BTB? Is this WR corps enough to carry us through 2013, or do the Cowboys need to do some adding?

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