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Dallas Cowboys Roster: Our Way, Way Too Premature 53-Man Roster Predictions

Two Blogging The Boys writers take their super early swings at the Cowboys opening day 53 man roster.

Rob Carr

This past weekend, immediately following the draft, our very own KD took a shot at the Cowboys 90-Man roster, and that got the rest of us thinking, so Tom Ryle and myself decided we would take our best guess at what the 53-man group would look like in week 1 when the Cowboys face the Giants at Cowboys stadium on NBC.

So here we go...

Tom Ryle Joey Ickes
2 Quarterbacks 2
Romo It worked last year - and who else is there? The UDFA from Akron may make the practice squad, but it is hard to see him on the 53. Romo Only reason to carry 3 QBs when you have 2 vets is if there's a developmental guy, he's not here yet.
Orton Orton
4 Running Backs 3
Murray Tanner was a disappointment when he got a chance last year. The team will not carry a fullback. Murray Randle provides a "Murray 2.0" in case the starter goes down, & Lawrence is an upgrade COP back over Dunbar. I don't see a fullback on the roster.
Randle Randle
Dunbar Lawrence
6 Wide Receivers 5
Bryant I think Benford is this year's Beasley. Just because. Bryant Coale will bring more on ST's than Beasley so he gets the 5th spot.
Austin Austin
Williams Williams
Harris Harris
Coale Coale
4 Tight Ends 4
Witten Beefing up to run the 12 and 13 sets. While Stewart is perhaps the de facto fullback replacement, look for a lot of work getting Hanna and Escobar to be better blockers so the run plays aren't tipped. Witten This will be a fun group this year. Stewart is your goal line 3rd TE but Hanna and Escobar will get work in the open field behind the Hall of Famer.
Hanna Escobar
Escobar Hanna
Stewart Stewart
3 Offensive Tackles 3
Smith I think Doug Free screws himself right off the roster. Smith I think if we waited till the end of the week we may know the starting RT, but I don't think it ends up being someone on the current roster.
Parnell Parnell
6 Guards/Centers 6
Frederick Yes, I think this is the year Killer K breaks through as a backup. No reason, just do. And I think Costa moves over to guard. A lot of "experts" don't think he can play there, but I think he is going to surprise some people. Again, just a feeling. Frederick It's the end of the road for Arkin. The one guy who can shake this up is actually Leary, if he takes the big jump, Livings could end up on the streets.
Bernadeau Bernadeau
Costa Livings
Cook Costa
Leary Cook
Kowalski Leary
8 Defensive Linemen 9
Ware I didn't break out DE/DT because I think Monte will find a DT that can sub in at DE in a pinch. This is a group where I would most expect to see some different names pop up, but it's my best guess. Ware Fisher & Broaddus are talking like 97 will be a rotational guy rather than a starter.
Spencer Hatcher
Wilber Ratliff
Crawford Spencer
Hatcher Crawford
Ratliff Lissemore
Lissemore Wilber
Price Bass
6 Linebackers 7
Lee The Swiss Army knife just can't be run off. I can see Albright playing for seven or eight years as an all-purpose LB backup, and maybe sub in at DE in a real crisis. He has been discussed doing it all. Lee Probably the group I'm most excited about. Lots of guys who will run and hit you. Playmakers and RKGs fill this room.
Carter Carter
Durant Durant
Magee Holloman
Holloman Magee
Albright Albright
6 Cornerbacks 6
Carr Last spot in training camp comes down to Dustin Harris and Devin Smith, and Harris edges in because he is so wicked good returning punts. Carr I think Webb is pushing Scandrick for snaps in the nickel by mid-year, and Moore can flex to safety if they need him. Harris is my 53rd guy.
Claiborne Claiborne
Moore Scandrick
Webb Webb
Scandrick Moore
Harris Harris
5 Safeties 5
Church Yes, Danny sticks around for ST. Church Allen is better on defense and probably equal on teams, so he makes the roster over McCray. Lots of youth here, but it's the most exciting S group this team has had in a long time.
Johnson Johnson
Wilcox Wilcox
Hamilton Allen
McCray Hamilton
3 Specialists 3
Bailey Don't mess with success Bailey Yeah, what he said.
Jones Jones
Ladouceur Ladouceur

That's our take, what say you BTB? How do you feel about our May 1 projections?