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Dallas Cowboys Injury Updates And Roster Moves

The Cowboys have been busy reshuffling their roster over the last couple of days. We summarize the various moves.

CB B.W. Webb (#20) in action against WR Terrance Williams (#83) during Rookie Minicamp
CB B.W. Webb (#20) in action against WR Terrance Williams (#83) during Rookie Minicamp
Rick Yeatts

The Cowboys headlines this weekend have been and will continue to be dominated by the happenings at Rookie Minicamp. But behind the scenes the Cowboys have been busy dealing with injuries, players leaving camp and other issues that have led to some reshuffling of the roster, which we faithfully chronicle below:

  • LB DeVonte Holloman was the first of the Cowboys' seven draft picks to sign his contract yesterday.
  • DT Brian Price, a 2010 second-round pick for Tampa Bay and sleeper prospect to make the roster, was waived on Thursday with a shoulder injury that wasn't further specified. After clearing waivers, he's back with the Cowboys on their injured reserve list.
  • RB Robbie Rouse, who was originally invited to attend Rookie Minicamp as a tryout player, was signed by the Cleveland Browns on Friday.
  • QB Aaron Corp was signed on May 7th and released again on May 9th. After clearing waivers on Friday afternoon, he joined the second practice of Rookie Minicamp as a tryout player. Jason Garrett said the Cowboys will carry four QBs through training camp, so Corp is in the mix with QBs Nick Stephens and Dalton Williams for the two open QB spots.
  • RB Ray Holley was cut by the Ravens earlier this week and was brought in on a tryout basis. He was injured yesterday and was unable to finish the afternoon practice
  • RB Joseph Randle will be limited in practice until training camp as he continues to recover from thumb surgery. Randle is wearing a protective brace over his thumb similar to what Morris Claiborne wore last year.
  • WR Tim Benford, who was scheduled to participate in this weekend's Rookie Minicamp, had arthroscopic surgery to his left knee. It's expected he'll be back in time for training camp.
  • 14 players in total were brought in on a tryout basis: WR Anthony Amos, OT Edwan Coughman, LB Everett Daniels, OG D.J. Hall, OG Micah James, DT Nick Johnson, DE Jerome Long, WR Darrin Moore, OT James Nelson, DE Tremayne Scott, LS Jessee Smitherman, CB Adrien Spencer, TE B.J. Stewart, DT DiMetrio Tyson.
  • OG Charlie Bryant, who had been with the Cowboys since February, left the team after Friday’s practice.
  • LS Charley Hughlett was in camp with the Cowboys last year and was supposed to attend this weekend's practices as well, but was excused for unspecified reasons.
  • WR Darrin Moore, who was in camp on a tryout basis, quit after Friday's practices.
  • The Cowboys brought in four new players on a tryout basis for Saturday's practices: Suddenly thin at running back, they brought in Jarred Salubi (Baylor) and Dominique Whaley (Oklahoma). WR Antoine Hicks (TCU) and TE Taylor Cook (Rice) also practiced today.

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