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NFC East Draft Picks by 40 Time: Which Teams Got Faster?

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The 40-yard dash is the highlight event at the yearly NFL combine, and we take a look at how the NFC East rookies performed in this event.


Mike Sando of ESPN's NFC West blog wrote an article a week ago titled "Going, going, gone: West picks by 40 times" in which he looked at 40-yard dash times the NFC West rookie class ran at this year's NFL combine. With a hat tip to Mike, we're doing the same thing for the NFC East today.

Twenty-one of the 29 players drafted by NFC East teams in 2013 ran the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine in February.

The table below shows the times those 21 players ran and gives you an idea of which teams may have gotten faster and which teams may have slowed down.

2013 NFC East Draft: Best Combine 40s
Player Pos Tm 40
Earl Wolff SS PHI 4.44
David Amerson CB WAS 4.44
B.W. Webb CB DAL 4.51
Terrance Williams WR DAL 4.52
Jordan Poyer CB PHI 4.54
J.J. Wilcox FS DAL 4.57
Joseph Randle RB DAL 4.63
Phillip Thomas SS WAS 4.65
Jawan Jamison RB WAS 4.68
Lane Johnson T PHI 4.72
Jordan Reed TE WAS 4.72
DeVonte Holloman OLB DAL 4.76
Zach Ertz TE PHI 4.76
Joe Kruger DE PHI 4.83
Gavin Escobar TE DAL 4.84
Damontre Moore DE NYG 4.95
Ryan Nassib QB NYG 5.06
Justin Pugh T NYG 5.14
Eric Herman G NYG 5.25
Johnathan Hankins DT NYG 5.31
Travis Frederick C DAL 5.58
Source: NFL

The Eagles added two quick defensive backs and one extraordinarily fast offensive tackle. The Redskins added a fast cornerback but the speed of their safety and running back picks are nothing to write home about. The Cowboys look good in this comparison, with four of their picks showing up in the top seven fastest NFC East picks.

Granted, speed is often a function of the positions drafted, and whether a rookie improves the speed of a team depends on the speed of the player currently manning that position. All true. And if you're a Giants fans, those are arguments you would try make when you try to rationalize away the fact that the five Giants picks on this list all place in the bottom six in terms of their speed.

Going by these numbers, the Cowboys have added speed at key positions and can only hope that Travis Frederick is indeed as immovable as his 40-time suggests.

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