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Cowboys Preseason Game Times Finalized; Adjust Your Summer Schedule Accordingly

We've known the order, now we know the time. 3 O'Clock, parking lot, be there!

Rick Yeatts

Get those DVR's ready!

The NFL today released the final piece of the 2013 scheduling puzzle. We've known the opponents that Dallas would face in the preseason for a little over a month now, starting with the Hall of Fame induction game against the Miami Dolphins on August 4th.

Now, we know the final dates and times for each of the league's preseason contests, and we can set our DVRs for teh scintilating, action packed contests that you know you can't wait to watch.

Remember last year's 3-0 victory over the Oakland Raiders? Split'Em Bailey made his kick, the Raiders missed both of theirs and we were having a grand time!

In truth, though, preseason does hold plenty of intrigue for the die hards. If you love following the construction of the 53 man roster, the preseason games are your opportunities to see the stars of the future, the backups that will be thrust into important positions should injuries occur. The games might not count, but the reps and performances do.

Just ask Terry about when he spotted some young guy out of Eastern Illinois that was showing his worth from deep in the depth chart.

Here's a look at the final schedule for the Cowboys 2013 Preseason.

Week Opponent Date Time (Eastern) National TV?
1 Miami Dolphins (Canton, OH) Sunday 8/4 8pm NBC
2 @ Oakland Raiders Friday 8/9 10pm --
3 @ Arizona Cardinals Saturday 8/17 430pm --
4 vs Cincinnati Bengals Saturday 8/24 8pm --
5 vs Houston Texans Thursday 8/29 8pm --

Two games in five days!?!?! The league hates us!

Here's a link to all the preseason game times. There is a possibility that the Cowboys might be scheduled by NFL Network to be aired live in another game, however you will be able to see a replay of each game at some time in the next 48 hours (normally) after completion. also runs a subscription service that allows you to watch all of the preseason games live, creatively entitled "Preseason Live".