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On The Chalkboard: Cover 3

I'm going to the board in this video for an introduction to another base coverage in Monte Kiffin's defense, Cover 3.


Editor's Note: if You Are Experiencing Trouble Watching The Video, You Can Go To YouTube Here

Things to note:

  • This is a 3 deep 4 under zone coverage.
  • Allows 8 men in the box for run support.
  • In base Cover 3 the Corners align at Off-Man depth (7 yds from LOS).
  • Single safety high. He has to play with range.
  • Only 4 underneath zones means each player covers more area than in Cover 2.
  • SS and opposite OLB have curl-flat responsibility. They will protect the seam until they are threatened to the flat.
  • Pressure with the front 4 is essential to success.


Over the next few weeks we will look at routes designed to attack Cover 3, and move to some other types of coverages in preparation for Training Camp.

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