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What's The Story Behind Your Screen Name?

Every screen name has a story behind it - tell us yours!

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One of the challenges of the offseason, especially on a holiday weekend like this, is continuously coming up with new and engaging storylines. And when news out of Valley Ranch slows down to a crawl, we occasionally look to our fellow SB Nation blogs for ideas to reapply. The folks over at our Tennessee Titans' site, Music City Miracles, came up with a simple question that has generated tons of community engagement and has since been reapplied across many other SB Nation sites.

And the question - if you haven't yet figured it out from the title of this post - is fairly simple: "What is the story behind your screen name?"

We have all created screen names. Some of those names are pretty self-explanatory, some aren't; all have a unique back-story. Some of you have probably explained your screen names in isolated threads in the past, but this is your opportunity to have everybody's story all in one thread.

I'll start: Imagine that you sign up for some random board on the internet, don’t think you’re going to hang around long anyway, so you go with a throwaway name you always use when you're required to provide an e-mail address on any random internet site. So you call yourself

Before you know it, you’re writing posts for that blog and now the name has stuck in all of its ueber-doucheness. At the time I thought it was kinda funny, now … well … I cringe inwardly at the thought that folks who see it for the first couple of times will think I’m an arrogant know-it-all, or worse, a pre-adolescent teenager, based only on my screen name.

I’m convinced that half the negative responses I get are a direct result of readers forming a certain image in their mind about a guy who has the arrogance to call himself I have seriously thought about changing my screen name to OCC, but that then ends up looking like a spelling error under every post, and by now I have almost exactly 1,500 frontpage posts to my name, so I guess I'm sticking with it. Most other SB Nation writers went to their real names a few years ago, but I continue to prefer the (relative) anonymity my screen name provides.

So that's my story, what's yours? What's the story behind the name you've chosen to represent yourself with here at BTB? Have at it!


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