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Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast: Memorial Day Edition Featuring BTB's Tom Ryle

OTAs are under way and there's always plenty to discuss about the Dallas Cowboys.


The latest Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. Episode 2.5 is live!

In this episode, I discuss 5 players that I'm rooting to have great success over the summer; starting with the OTA sessions and continuing into July's Training Camp. There are a handful of young players that are new to the team, but also includes players that have less than three years experience that I'm looking to make a big jump in their contributions in 2013.

Also, I'm joined by BTB front pager, Tom Ryle. We discuss the Romo injury, is there anything to be concerned about that the team isn't letting on? We move on to the Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett dynamic; is there seriously anything to worry about for Garrett when he's the one writing the script? Plus much more that includes Tom naming guys that are 100%, definitely not pet cats of his.

You definitely want to check things out.


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